Once, twice, three times... a genius

So sang Lionel Richie (also a genius) about ladies.

RedBubble were nice enough to feature this piece of tripe below.

This makes it 3 features for me in the last week or so. I don’t really know where to go from here. If my genius becomes any more published I may have to start cutting ears off myself. And I only have two to start with. Also, the lack of ears is going to make wearing a beret more difficult which is essential for my new “artist” persona (see previous journal entries).

On a slightly more serious note, the image above is one of my personal favourites. The disused shop stands on the outskirts of Smithfield market – one of the few remaining true historic sites in London. The streets, buildings, and particularly pubs surrounding it are my favourite part of London. It’s a great place to go armed with a camera.

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