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Deborah Benoit

Daytona Beach, United States

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New job and Home

I have not been on as I have not had computer access. I just wanted to let you all know that I found a place to live and will move in on Monday. I also got a job and start that next week too. I have ordered my service so I can get on line so that should be happening sometime next week.

I look forward to seing all of your lovely work again!!!


My Trip

I just wanted to let everyone know that I did make it to Florida. It was a long trip but a good one. Right now I do not have any internet so I will not be on here much. I miss you all and hope to see you on here soon. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas And a fabulous and prosperous New Year!!!!


Sales and Move

My move to Florida is coming up on December 6th. I will not have much time to be on here for a while. Almost done the packing and waiting for the mover to get here. Then the drive to Florida. I am excited about the move and seeing old friends again.

I do want to say Thank You to whom ever bought some cards from me. It is most appreciated and I hope that you enjoy them.

Portrait Of A Feather sold 7

Osprey 1 sold 1

Morning Glory Solitaire sold 2

Osprey Soar 2 sold 3

Autumn Birch sold 2

Thank you LisaBeth

I would like to thank LisaBeth for suggesting that I make a card out of one of my images and then for buying two cards. It is most appreciated and I hope that you like the cards when you get them. Again Thank You so much!!



What a wonderful thing to wake up to. The notification by email of a sale. And not just a card but a framed 16×24 print. I have no idea who purchased this piece but I would like to Thank whomever it was. This is a special piece for me and I am glad that someone liked it enough to buy a print. This is a beautiful back road in Vermont and a very special place. Thank you so much for your purchase!!


I would like to thank whomever purchased a card from me. I have no idea who it was. They purchased Portrait Of A Feather. Also I would like to Thank everyone for their continued support.


I have had a very special honor of having a fractal art piece be featured in 3 different groups. It has been featured in A Fractal Energy Passion, Fractal Universe and The Best Of Red Bubble Digital Art & Photography. Thank you to all the hosts of these groups and the people who have commented on my work.

Alos featured and a top 10 placement in the group A Vision Of Flight Photography is Perch On The Run 2.

Recent Feature

In the Flame Apophysis Group I also had the honor of this wonderful feature. I was really happy having this one featured as I really like it myself. Thank you to all of the hosts for this honor and to the wonderful people who take the time to comment on my work.

Recent Feature

Just featured today in the group Fractal Paradise. I want to Thank the hosts of this group for this wonderful honor. Also to Thank the people who take the time to comment on my work.