MY life STORY if its giving hard questions like a test, / if u die then hope that your blessed, / enter heavens gate and forget the all rest, / when u br… HUSLTERS code 1,get your funds, / from them dumb, / mother fuckers who like caring guns, / 2,keep it true, / only trust you, / cause them fools THIS is TO my LIFE and DEATH but it seems like ive been here before, / i got the devil lock stock and loaded knocking at my door, / but i wont let death put me to the f… SHOW of HANDS so listen / people are dissin / there shooting but they keep missin / im not scared of the people who hate / intimitated of the legend o… MAKE it HAPPEN trying to steal / so be real / never reveal / this situation / that has casued complications / to a dream prized conversation MY ultimate REVIEW before I wake in my mind shes spitting poison / cause im hearing noises / cause when our turns to greed / we hate its the coulor red we all bleed THE day I be A man down hill so u on my side / only the people who dont know me / until they look closley / then wait till they dissapoint me / but what c… MY flow AND funk let see what pleases us / waiting for the return for jesus / people praying / stay with me dont drift into the fray n / my life maybe up … PLEASE bow YOUR heads let me rest / cause life is a curse that is blessed / like a half done test / or like a hole in your chest / its confusing / people ar… TOGETHER we RISE or TOGETHER we DIE stay true stay wise / save yourself from your demise / cause people got me lost and crazy / hoping i havnt hurt my babies / cause the de… MY dark SIDE im crazy over strength / heartless to my breath / does it make sence / i keep smoking / till my lung stops working BLOODY murder she was crying / left her dying / i know her personally / getting hurt everyday for a mother of 3 DEATH before DISHONOUR get shot down better stay down / or else ur body will be tossed around / i bet u would kill ur own mama / heres my saying haha Death befor… IM a SUCKER for LOVE i cant handle it / i remember when i loved u to bits / now i dnt know till it hits / just remember me watching u from above / baby im a … NEVER be PEACE so fuck peace trusting the wrong people / i think god needs another sequel / cause nobodies listening / people are givin in STAY true STAY wise but i stay strong but who can trust, / in this world its love or lust, / bullets unloaded or bust, / cause money is a must, FOR my GIRL some where far away / a place where we can stay / i put u in the center of my world / this song is for my girl SOME times I cry some times i cry / causes where living in a lie / even / for no reason / it just hurt sometimes breathing / cant wait till my heart stops b… LISTEN TO THE SAD MUSIC how could u be the one to take a soul from this earth / or tell a women to stop giving birth / locked up in prison / can u tell me if this … Keep YOUR jaw shut tight NOW the plan of mine / is to enter ur mind / hear my voice then rewind / spitting lyrics in the spotlight / so spell my name right / cause my r… I can BE your FRIEND or FOE this fucking war its like a contiversy / shooting ur guns but that cant hurt me / cause the prophocey / harder than trigonometry Woke UP the Greastest my eyes getting exposed / grab my shoes and my clothes / slap five to my bros / grab ass from these hoes