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toniknik says:
“To work with a remarkable artist, who brings out the best in a picture, who looks for the meaning in a story and capture’s life in the moment, is an artist that radiates life in the still.
It could have taken me a lifetime, a relationship or a few but I found the photographer that helps me find meaning in stills, his name is Dazs. His practice comes from ten years of studying light and film. By day he is a painter but he unleashes his love behind the lens. We are constantly looking to create, portray invent and discover new was to captivate the viewer in the way he looks at photography.

His art is dark, sad but full of expression. His models will only shoot with him in a way that they would never shoot with anyone else. In the studio, the lights are dim, and all you can see is the flash, music sets the mood and the model moves to what she feels. These are only a few of the inventions that have been captured, it is only in time that more will surface"

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