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My name is Dawne Dunton, I’ll be honest and say I can’t really call myself an artist or a professional photographer. I’ve never taken a class, I’m purely an amateur that wants to be more. I take photos of just about everything that catches my eye, and I mean everything. Some of my photos may be odd to you, but I like the odd. I am in no way a bug person, but lately I see all these crazy critters and want to know more about them. And want to see what they look like close up. Some are just amazing, others just plain ugly, but interesting, if that makes sense.

I know my love of photography came from my Dad Captain Al. He’s not the man that brought me into this world, but he’s the man that has treated me like a Dad should. He was a photographer in the Navy. I remember going to his studio on the base in Washington, DC several times. One particular time I noticed pictures on the wall of women and I asked him who they were. His answer at the time was…They’re my sisters, April, May and June. Of course I believed him and didn’t think about it again…well, until much later in life. Years later I discovered STACKS of magazines in the back of the old paneled station wagon…Dad’s sisters?? I had to notify all the kids in the neighborhood and show them…Dad’s sisters. This didn’t sail well with Mom, and Dad had some explaining to do. He told me how this was art the best way he could to an 8 year old. The shadows and lighting make a difference, it’s all in what you see with your eyes and it’s not all bad. My first lesson in photography at age 8.

My first camera was a Polaroid One Step…instant photos…COOL! My second camera was a Kodak Disc…I still have tons of disc negatives. I had a few of the regular film camera’s that I don’t even know the name of, but then came my digital Photosmart M425 that my son gave me for Christmas in 2006. That camera really changed my life. I was always camera happy taking photos of EVERYTHING, but not really looking. It was mostly family and friend photos, caught off guard and posed stuff.

When I came to Myrtle Beach, it all changed. The day I went to the pier down the street from me on October 28, 2008 and took photos of the sunset in memory of Romeo, I couldn’t believe how perfect the photos were. Romeo was my fiance who passed away. It had been 9 years to the day he died and I needed something to do to get me through the day. Taking photos of the things we both loved seemed the best thing to do, the ocean and the sunset. Memories of Dad and the photography talk came flooding back. I started really looking at everything through the camera lens…shadows and lighting IS a big deal and not everything is bad if you really see it with your soul. I take photos of bugs now and I hate bugs, but through the lens it’s something different. After a day of taking photos, I was trotting across the street to beat traffic and my Photosmart bounced out of my purse. DEVASTATING to say the least! A friend loaned me a Nikon D3200 and I can’t even tell you how happy and excited I am about taking photos. It’s just a wonderful thing if no one’s really tried it and really looked at what they see.

So, I thank my wonderful Dad Captain Al, who’s always been there for me no matter what. I need to thank my Romeo as well, it’s his love that brought me to that pier to remember him always. I still go there every year on October 28 and I know he’s with me. I can’t imagine how my life would have been without either one of them in my life. I need to thank my friend Todd for the use of the Nikon…he sees what it means to me to take photos of everything I see. I also need to thank my friends for putting up with me bombarding them with my photos…I guess I just want everyone to see what it is that I see through the lens…it’s a whole new world…really. I hope you enjoy…What I See!!

All my images are © Dawne M Dunton, all rights reserved. copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from Dawne M Dunton, the artist is strictly prohibited.

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My work in the local Sun News.

I entered a few of my photos in a local contest in the city where I live. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the contest, BUT I think I got the next best thing. They asked if they could use my photos in the local newspaper. Of course I said…YES!! December 1, 2013, I went to the local convenience store and there on the FRONT PAGE of the Coasting section was my photo “From The Heart&…
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For My Wonderful Cousin Tommy

Getting to know my cousin again has been a wonderful experience. Sometimes life does take you in different directions and you lose touch…reuniting and hearing their life stories is just the best time with long memorable talks. After reuniting with my cousin Tommy and learning of his health problems, I felt like I had to do something. Learning he was waiting for a lung transplant was shoc…
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