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Yummy Mash Recipe For Slack Cooks

I like food, right, no: I love food. I like things to taste good and to be relatively healthy but I am slack. So if you are the same here we go…

This recipe is mashed potato and peas and yummy. It takes 5-10 mins. It is for one serving as I live alone.

200g Coles Frozen Mashed Potato With Herbs
50-60g frozen peas or frozen baby peas (Australian)
1 tsp Extra Virgin olive oil (Australian)
Dried Oregano or dried Sage
half a clove of garlic
50ml of stock (Vegeta is the best)

1. Heat (low) half a tsp of the oil, salt
2. Squash the garlic with the side of the knife and chop finely
3. Garlic into the pan, mix and do not let it brown to much if at all as garlic gets bitter when browned. The salt draws out the moisture which slows the browning.
4. Add dried herbs.
5. Once the garlic is cooked (gets translucent or starts to brown) put in the stock and turn up the heat to medium.
6. Put the potato in the pan and cover.
7. Put the peas, some salt and half a tsp of oil into a glass microwave dish, stir and cook. I do 2 mins. at 100% (650w).
8. Give the potatoes a stir.
9. When the peas have finished check the potatoes have melted, stir and put in a preheated bowl. Pour the peas and oil into the bowl and stir.
Voila! Enjoy.

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