I am a keen flyfisher with an interest in photography. During my travels I get to see some amazing scenery which I really do enjoy photographing when the fish aren’t interested in my offerings. I am currently doing a freelance photography course with my best mate so that we both can improve our photographic skills. I particularly like taking landscape shots but I have just purchased a new 100mm macro lens and it takes some amazing shots so it is fast becoming what I grab first when I head outside to take photos.
It is now the winter of 2012 and I have found a new passion in creating liquid art inspired by Corrie White, Martin Waugh & Kevin Lewis. My thanks to all of them for inspiring me to have a go at something different. And special thanks to Susan Candelario for writing an excellent eBook de-mystifying the process which short cutted my learning by years. Making these is fascinating as no two images are the same which does make them rather unique and the opportunities to change the light and colours are only limited by your imagination.

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