I have loved the ocean since I was a small child. My parents inspired me with a diet of Jacques Cousteau documentaries and snorkelling holidays. Since my first SCUBA dive at age 10 and first experience with an underwater camera at age 16, I have developed a passion for marine life and capturing the ocean’s beauty in photographs. I started to take underwater photography seriously in 1996 when I was the marine biologist on a dive boat in the northern Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. I have dived on coral reefs throughout the world, conducting research, taking photographs, teaching people and working to protect the environment. In 1993, I completed a PhD studying the behaviour and ecology of coral reef triggerfish. My love of this charismatic family of fish led me to name my photography company ‘Triggerfish Images’. Although underwater work is my primary photographic passion, I also enjoy land based photography especially wildlife and landscapes.

You can see my latest work on the Triggerfish Images page on Facebook.

  • Joined: December 2007