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Welcome to Dave’s Red Bubble Site. Dave was born in Ireland and grew up in Dublin and he has lived in Australia for the the last Six years. Dave enjoys anything that is creative and he has done from a very early age. He has a BA degree in Graphic design and enjoys painting, drawing, photography, print, web design, playing music.

When I was growing up was surrounded by creative people and my parents always helped me in the direction of doing the things I love. My interest in art, painting, drawing, photography and wildlife came from my parents and their interests and my own life experiences. How it all started for me was when I was very young, I remember sitting with my Dad as a youngster at the kitchen table and he would be painting and drawing and I would try to copy him. My dad would teach me things to do with Perspective, light and dark and how to use the tools of the trade. I would ask my dad how are you so good and my dad would say “time and patience and enjoyoing my own time” My Dad specializes mainly in water colour, painting birds and wildlife. My Mom when I was growing up designed and made curtains and ran her own business, which I feel has made me who I am and where i get my creative interest from. The lessens they have thought me and the respect for nature and life in general. Has a major role in mycreative process and why I do it.

I would spend a lot of time outdoors growing up as a youngster with my family, So I have great respect for nature and wildlife. Camping and going away on fishing trips sitting on the banks of rivers ,canals and lakes just taking it all in and listening and admiring nature and life itself.

Being creative is what makes me happy; I feel gratitude and self-worth when it comes to any of the above. The feeling of freedom and self-expression is gained and sometimes the outcome brings surprises and something I never expected. Hope you enjoy my work and thanks for having a look. Graphic Work, photo manipulation, and paintings coming soon.

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