Can you imagine children living somewhere in the world tonight sleeping on the ground with Guns and in an army? At five years old and cold blooded killers?
They can look you in the eyes and shoot you dead like stepping on a fly?
Can you imagine?
Can you imagine your child coming home to dinner with blood on his little hands and he’s a killer!
Can you imagine thats not a joke and that some of our baby’s in the world are faced with the choices of kill or be killed every day!
Can you imagine this?
We are a sad race of humans we give a lot of lip service about what we want to do but thats all it is!
There are a few saints out there who have given their lives to help save our children but when you look at the amount of helpers who offer their services with the number of people in the world its a joke!
Who’s gonna step in and help us clean up our mess when we don’t wanna help our selves!
Sad but true we have grown to a point where we are brain dead to so much hate and crime that we simply try to make it from one day to the next safely and with as little contact to our fellow man to avoid conflict!
So who’s gonna come and save the day?
If you don’t want to wipe your own ass then who’s gonna wipe it for you?
This is my wish

You know were all connected to one another its tattooed in our blood!

Gee can you imagine living in a world where we liked each other?
Can you imagine we lived in a world with out religious hate?
Where we said hello and smiled without all the paranoia?
Where you said to me kind words with meaning and some thought?
And I looked at you as my friend who I know that I can trust!
Can you imagine that type of world?
Can you imagine we all lived on a special planet!
Filled with love and kindness for one another?
Can you imagine that you were loved and slept well because of it!
Can you imagine what it would be like to not have any guns!
And children playing in the park and they never come to harm!
Can you imagine your wife’s out late and coming to her car, and someone steps out with a light and says its dark out can I help you Miss?
Can you imagine what its like to not have any fear?
Can you imagine what its like to not be racist? To look at the next man as your friend even though his colors different!
Can you imagine that we all work to make it be that way!
What would this world be if we were able to change a little every day?
I think we might find its not that hard with just a little try!
Can you imagine?


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  • Sensiworld
    Sensiworldabout 6 years ago

    It is sad David. sad but true…..I would like to have it different in this world.
    Your writing touched me….

  • Sensiworld
    Sensiworldabout 6 years ago

    Sorry forgot about the lovely flower…it is a Silene coronaria or Dusty-miller.

  • DavidROMAN
    DavidROMANabout 6 years ago

    Thank you Miss Sylvia deeper and deeper we are falling and whos there to catch us?
    Not our governments thats for sure! Gods got his hands full so it seems so who’s that leave?
    well I guess the answer is just you and I!

  • gypsykatz
    gypsykatzabout 6 years ago

    Beautifully said…beautifully done!!!!

  • Thank you gypskkatz glad you liked it!

    – DavidROMAN

  • karen Bradshaw
    karen Bradshawabout 6 years ago

    What a hard hitting poem david, but so very very true. I would love world peace but sadly ill never see that in my life time we can only hope our childrens children will….. well done David and the flowers remind me of soldiers just standing around and waiting for something to happen xxx

  • Yea your right about that I thought of them as hands holding hands and we as people working to connect to one another!
    Glad you like it Karen!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayabout 6 years ago

    Inspiring words and a beautiful image David….I’m constantly surprised at how we’ve become such a violent and intolerant society. …and do a lot of imagining.

  • You and me both! A long ways away from sleeping with the doors unlocked and windows opened!
    Well like Karen says you and I will be long gone before anything gets done! Sad to say!
    Oh well lets just try to set an example for our young that there’s more out there than getting in to trouble! But I#am really happy you too time to read my writing! That makes me smile! See ya

    – DavidROMAN

  • mrscarlotta
    mrscarlottaabout 6 years ago

    Beautiful, hence my small assassin, babies killing, so sad, I love the lychnes flower, its gorgeous, u always bring out the best in what ever u do hon, love it xxxxx

  • Thank you Miss C glad you liked it its a mind boggling situation we are creating around the world based on greed! It breaks my heart to see the children suffer!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Jane Keats
    Jane Keatsabout 6 years ago

    Brilliant all over, well done Dave :o)

  • Jane thank you for taking time to read that long piece!
    Glad you liked it and put a favorite on it too thats really cool thanks a lot!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Devalyn Marshall
    Devalyn Marshallabout 6 years ago

    David this was so beautifully written.
    Children are Gods gift’s to man. When they are born they are the closest things to angels on earth. Our hate destroys this gift. I agree with you that with kindness and love there is hope!!!!! To me the flowers represent the wonder and beauty in the young.

  • Thank you thats really nice of you Miss D your so there!!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Judi Taylor
    Judi Taylorabout 6 years ago

    Every Native American is taught that we are not only ONE with each other but also with the rocks and the trees and birds and sky!!!! I beleive we are all connected and many times I wonder what part of ME is in that one who is the killer? Can then I send that part love hoping to “make a difference”. You know, David, a large dark room, as vast as it can be can be illuminated by a single candle. It does not take a roomful of candles to bring in light. It is my wish that a single candle finds it way to the dark places in this world. And that somehow I am a part of it.
    Thank You for remind us that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

  • I wanna live my life connecting my love for people so they can see that there is more to a person that the surface if they just look deeper! Its not always gonna work but maybe one will see that through all the layers they have protecting them from all the hurt out there! Its worth a try!

    – DavidROMAN

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