When I look at the children out there I wonder how it would of been for them with dads who were supportive?
What choices in life would they make with the right guidance?
And this is about fathers at sporting evens out of control attacking their sons coaches and then going to Jail as a result of their out of control actions!
But the big loser in all of this is the child and other children who see this action and think its the right way especially when its their dad, their leader, their roll model teaching them this sad reality!
So I thought about the flower you see here today as that sons soul and came up with this poem!
I don’t have a son so this is only my feelings on this subject!

I watched a father tell his son he was stupid and dumb as he struck out in a baseball game!
His little shoulders hung so low from his daddy’s mean assault!
I sat and watched as he rant and raved about a silly game.
In front of all his little friends while he called him ugly names.
I looked at this it made me sad I thought this man was sick.
I wondered who he had learned this from because he was damn near crazy!
I stood up to say a word but my wife took me by the hand.
She looked at me and said thats his son do you understand me?
I asked her who had taught him that was the right way to be?
Hell its only a silly game so whys he so upset?
I sat back down so hard it hurt I was really really fuming.
My wife took my hand and squeezed it tight and looked at me in the eyes and said “he learned it from his daddy”!
And then she said I told you that many years ago, all the ugly things you said to him would come right back and bite you!
So as I sat and watched my son act stupid to his little son.
The only one I had to blame was me……… because that was how I taught him!


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  • Ginger  Barritt
    Ginger Barrittabout 6 years ago

    ….and it happens all the time… I’m depressed…so…good job…perfect photo for this sad story….

  • Thanks Ginger thats really nice and yes its a sad story! And even moms are acting this way too! Perk up go look at some of my pretty flowers!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Mugsy
    Mugsyabout 6 years ago

    Many a true word, David……. I was taught many years ago never to criticise the person, but rather their action….but never in front of someone else.And to be the best that THEY could be.

  • Well I think we all need to be that way but you know human emotions can be hard to control for some! Glad you liked it!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Jane Keats
    Jane Keatsabout 6 years ago

    An all too familiar, ugly scene. They have even come out with a booklet for acceptable behavior for parents in Australia at sporting events! I’m glad, but I can’t believe it’s necessary! Haven’t we learned anything?

  • This time I dont miss your comments my friend!
    Thanks for coming back and reading my story!
    Hope you enjoy my other flowers I added quite a few since I last saw you! See ya Jane!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Jane Keats
    Jane Keatsabout 6 years ago

    Haha, no worries David. I’ll get to the others soon too, my puter time is limited with the kids home from school for another week. It’s time for adventures way from the screen lol!

  • I can understand that I guess If I had Kids there would be almost no computer except work related! Well have fun!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Kim Bender
    Kim Benderabout 6 years ago

    That’s how it is………..but people are so blind!!! I love this very special flower!!!

  • Thank you Miss Bender! And yes people are blind to responsibility!
    Thanks for coming! Glad you liked it!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Di Jenkins
    Di Jenkinsabout 6 years ago

    A good “what not to do” story. And a lovely photo.

  • Thank you Di! No its a good story he saw his failure right before him!
    I was listing to a country station one day and a singer was singing about his little son wanting to be just like him and all the ugly things he said later came out of his young sons mouth it was a real tear jerker and moved me deeply! Only heard it once but it stuck in my mind! It wasn’t the bases for this story but was in my mind when I wrote this today! So maybe like that song stuck in my mind maybe someone will remember this too if they ever have a child! So many forget we are what are parents teach us its our foundation for life!
    So thats my take on my writing!
    See ya and where my glass?

    – DavidROMAN

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayabout 6 years ago

    A wonderful message to all parents David, sadly this type of behavior is becoming the norm.
    It’s a depressing scenario as if many have become desensitized, walking on shaky ground.
    Imagine the next generation if this is type of action so prevalent now, pretty scary.

    For every action…. a reaction.
    Oh you do my head in David lol!

  • Hey Miss Shanina thanks for looking I’am up loading my next one of this series! Hope you like it too!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayabout 6 years ago

    It better not be sad David…the news is coming on soon and I’ll get totally depressed lol!

  • Sorry Shanina, Turn off the TV!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Racheli
    Racheliabout 6 years ago

    The Flower looks like Anona, Fascination neture creation, add to fav gladly.
    Thank you for sensitive story. children are mirror of those that cultivate them, it was so, it will stay that way forever.
    Some smart kid grow up and understand the errors of their parents, and go in a different ways, educate their children somehow to a better way.
    Most important thing is:
    His father didn’t know some other way of education, not everyone is superior, each one and his intelligence quotient ….
    Thank you for listening…………..LOL

  • Thank you miss R glad you liked it!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Jonicool
    Jonicoolabout 6 years ago

    Another great story David, very thought provoking!! wonderful detail on your flower…lovely!

  • Hey JC thanks a lot glad you liked the story!

    – DavidROMAN

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