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A new poem for GittiArts RED II

Another lovely image from GittiArt.
Her art always inspires me to dream. I get caught in the feeling of romance in Paris as I watch her paintings.
Check out her lovely work here :!GittiArt

My Arrival
She lie there in the evening room.
One where we often held each other.
Here is where we shared our love time and time again.
I stood at the door these feelings filled my mind.
A thousand thoughts came and passed so fast right before my eyes.
Its been four years since I was here my work took me away.
I stood on board that sad sad day and watched my ship carry me away.
And there she was filled with tears as we sailed to war.
But in my heart I knew I would return.
The enemy no match for us.
The war was long, but you remained forever on my mind.
My ships return was not announced.
And now I watch you sleeping silently.
This room a holy place for us.
One filled with passion filled with love.
Our souls we shared within these walls.
I often found her here deep in meditation.
In love she often said as she held me close.
I called her name once again.
Still no sound from her.
She slept so silently, I wondered had she passed away.
My heart it skipped a beat in fear.
And then she turned and looked at me and said…
I dreamed you came to me I saw it clear as day.

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