The Road to You A poem for Eva Andreasson

I write poetry for my friends and this is another one of the lovely Images that inspired me to write a poem.
I love images with emotion as you see this is one “Highway to Heaven” by my friend Eva Andréasson is full of wonder and imagination. She’s quite an artist.
Check out her lovely photography here:!"

The road to you was cold that day, and then came the snow.
I thought about going home and then I changed my mind.
I thought this time before I left take a heavy coat.
And in my pockets I found my gloves and a knitted cap.
I watched the snow fall all around and soon it touched my knees.
A blizzard flew before my eyes the road it disappeared.
And here I was knee deep in snow on my way to you.
The whiteness of the snow made me squint my eyes.
I crossed my fingers and looked inside my pocket and there I found my glasses.
This was my lucky day, I thought I lost them years ago, I guess I didn’t.
Here I was set for the cold everything I needed.
A half hour walking in the snow my toes were freezing cold.
And then I looked down at my feet and saw I wore my sandals.


  • Fara
    Faraalmost 3 years ago

    This is so lovely David and I am sure that the very talented Eva will be delighted……………I live it hope that one day you will write a poem for me…………in the meantime I send warm thoughts from Ireland…………..Joyce!!

  • Thank you Fara your very kind. And maybe one day you never know.

    – DavidROMAN

  • EvaAn68
    EvaAn68almost 3 years ago

    Oh… I just can’t stop smiling……… can never, ever thank You enough sweetest David :D xox

  • Oh thats very cool of you to share your image with me glad you like it Eva I love it. I got stuck in one of them when I was a kid quite frighting but very lovely to see.
    See ya

    – DavidROMAN

  • Keith Reesor
    Keith Reesoralmost 3 years ago

    Wonderful poem David!! :)

  • Thanks a lot Keith cool place to be on a hot day and a lovely shot too.
    Glad you popped in.

    – DavidROMAN

  • mikequigley
    mikequigleyalmost 3 years ago

    Good one – mq

  • Hey Mike thanks a lot

    – DavidROMAN

  • Ann Morgan
    Ann Morganalmost 3 years ago

    With your friends picture it really adds place and atmosphere to my mind as I read your poem.
    Nice job David.

  • Thanks Ann I always like to combine the tow together so the reader can see what I saw.
    Sometimes the foto doesn’t go into the journals.
    So I am stuck.
    It seems to be a big problem now that RB has played with the site nothings as easy as it was.
    Glad you like this thanks!

    – DavidROMAN

  • Rita  H. Ireland
    Rita H. Irelandalmost 3 years ago

    Wow amazing poem…love it! Thank you for sharing such a talented mind!

  • Hey Rita do you really think its talented?
    Here in Germany they don’t think that.
    Its wasted so it seems.
    So your comments and others make me very happy.

    – DavidROMAN

  • EvaAn68
    EvaAn68almost 3 years ago

    No I don’t “like” it, I LOVE it :D
    Um… is it ok if I do my own journal with your poem in it? I’ll wait for your reply : )

  • That would be quite nice thank you.
    Ms Eva your so kind.

    – DavidROMAN

  • EvaAn68
    EvaAn68almost 3 years ago

    Thank YOU!!!
    I’ll let you know once it’s up :D

    HELUAalmost 3 years ago

    Inspired and inspiring, love the combined works here, David!!

  • Rocksygal52
    Rocksygal52almost 3 years ago

    Beautiful David, you are a talented man.

    Cheers Jude