I am a photographer living in europe for the last 20 years working in different country’s such as Italy,France,Spain,Greece,and Germany.
Over the years I have been asked by many of my friends why I don’t show my personal work and I really didn’t have an answer other than I haven’t had the time to go through all of it and also find a place to show it and sell it with a touch of class!
My personal taste vary as you will see in my personal gallery. I hope you enjoy and I will be posting more of my photography over time.

As some will see I have added my books
“Poems for her and Poems for my Friends A piece of me and
Venice in Black & White” Venice Carnival, and my 2 newest books. Visions of my mind and Flowers and big book of flowers that I have photographed.
If you are interested in purchasing my books you can click this link and it will take you to

To my Amazon book store

Thanks for coming and enjoy…..David

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Sound Cloud

Hello Friends, / To all of you who like my poetry I started reading them on Sound Cloud. / To date I have 53 poems with more to come in time. / So come join me on sound cloud at this address, / I would love to hear from you, and let me know what you think. / https://soundcloud.com/the-poetryman
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Bubble sites

I’m a little late on this but did everyone receive e mails telling them the bubble sites will be discontinued ? / And if so is there a protest about this happening? / I think this was one of the major features in joining RedBubble and then they take that away. / Many of us have our web sites built around the bubble sites. / And now I think its unfair to simply say we are stopping them with …
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RedBubble made my dreams come true!

If it were not for RedBubble none of this would be possible thank you Joni Cool for pointing me in the right direction. / Your kindness will never be forgotten. / And for other members of this community dreams do come true and RB is a great place to realize them.
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A new poem for GittiArts RED II

Another lovely image from GittiArt. / Her art always inspires me to dream. I get caught in the feeling of romance in Paris as I watch her paintings. / Check out her lovely work here :!GittiArt / My Arrival / She lie there in the evening room. / One where we often held each other. / Here is where we shared our love time and time again. / I stood at the door these feelings filled my mind. / A thou…
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