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At the Beach by David Bath Sunstars by David Bath Oh Christmas Tree! by David Bath The Bubble Wave by David Bath Donald Squared by David Bath Mario Squared by David Bath Bubble Dog by David Bath Little Heart by David Bath Bubble Pollock by David Bath Colourful Face and Weave. by David Bath Lady Thinking by David Bath Bubble Rothko by David Bath Bubble Warhol by David Bath The Smoker by David Bath A Colourful Laugh by David Bath Poppies by David Bath Little Boy Blue #2 by David Bath Pop Baby by David Bath Sun Spider #4 by David Bath Sun Spider #3 by David Bath Sun Spider #2 by David Bath Merry Fishmas!!! by David Bath Sleeping Mr Daikon-san by David Bath The Wanderer by David Bath Yellow Banana by David Bath T-Rexcellent by David Bath Lolita Girl at the JR by David Bath Baboon by David Bath Watching Thailand by David Bath Fisty Cuffs by David Bath Sleeping Off the City by David Bath Little Man by David Bath Ankor What? by David Bath Little Obon Dancer by David Bath The Yawn of a Babe.  by David Bath Psychedelic Baby  by David Bath

Cherubumkin Pumpkin Pie

i’d like to lick / whipped cream / off you

Wonky Gravestones

all rotten brown / like pound shop cola / like a creature often found / inside of lurking woodland’s / bowels / underground / or eat…


There are dragonflies

In the Wood

She shall whittle / little creatures / from this chunky / piece of wood. / Woodland dwellers / fragile critters / eyes won’t glitter …

Wishbone (version 2)

A poem that’s wordless / is worthless, / A silence / inside of a book. / A book which is spineless / is pageless (and hopeless), / A hoove…

Urgent Notice

Life, please, I urge thee, / Instill urgency in me. / I have got none / And when I’m gone, / Oh, what will I leave?

Oh, City Lights

Oh, city lights, / You box of beads, / Covering / The dirt beneath.


Cabbages have lots of ridges, / but have no shelving, / unlike fridges.


…A faint-banded sea snake / doesn’t know that he / could be a contender / to be a world champion. / Driftwood bobs and twirls /…

Remember Your Friends

When life seems all shitty / and the world all seems crass, / When you’re stuck in the city / full of concrete and glass…

Consider the Earth

Waves and trees / and bees / and that. / The Earth - / The earthworm’s habitat.

The Worrier

…Bedtime shields / him from the wild…

And the Wind Sweeps Through

…The light of early morn / does paint / its foothills dark, / its summit faint…

The Night

…What does she hold? / The moon and the stars! / And bats that hang / from window ledges, / then fall into her arms…

For Steph

Today I felt wretched, / But today is old and tarnished / And tomorrow brings forth many new days. / Maybe I’ll shine tomorrow.

Grin and the World Grins With You

You scream life’s words, / While the world holds them in. / You make me laugh, / While the world just makes me grin.

Fighting Gales

…Because we’re here? / Quite high up here! / On slanted slate / from earth below. / (Quite far below) / That I hold my fear / l…

Waiting for the Buzz

Waiting for the buzz / that’s coming, / Wearing wings / or fins / (or something). / Who am I against this woman? / She is rather bol…

Love Is Strange

Perfect fruit / Fell from the tree. / Pick it up, / Save it, / Please, for me.
Things What Looks Like Faces #2 by David Bath

Beer and Ice Cream

I cannot think / I cannot write / All words / Absurd / I need the telly / All dumb and warm / I’ll be reborn / With beer and ice crea…


An empty case sits / Where my CD should be. / It’s over there, / Not here / With me.

A hammock

I love you like / my pillow, / My head sinks into / you. / Your neck is the / right shape, / to make, / a hammock made / for two.

The Clock Looks Out

silence is abuzz / in unthinking eyes. / Crashing / like cymbals and a drum / down a shaft / of a mine.

The Love Boat

Here’s a ship / to save my bacon. / Climb aboard! / Commence love makin’!

Pengin (Green Strawberry)

My Japanese chrysanthemum, / My English rose! / Our love is a / Green Strawberry. / Green strawberries will grow.

It’s Pretty Cold

My blood froze through, / My chest is burning, / And I’ve been left alone / for learning. / I hid / beneath the cloak of winter. / I…

Sometimes, I Wish

I wish, in vain, / I’d gone insane, / Then all of this / Could be explained.

My Valentine

Cut flowers / from the shop, / just for you, / that survived, / just to show / that the way / that I feel / is alive.

Three Sheets to the Wind

Dark dark night, / Wide wide water, / No matter how much / I pull or I push, / The oars won’t do / What they oughta.

Icarus Can Hang

Molten totem / glowsome core, / if the sun / then I / given love / and fallen in, / am higher than / the sky.

Shoe Trees

… / No collarless dog / try’ner gi’ me / ‘is fleas. / There’s folks / and there’s life, / But no shoes …


God forbid / that sense / should teach / this idle brain / to get some sleep.

Young Lovers

Trees bow their boughs / And bamboo canes clap, / Loving young lovers, / Wandering past.


Loneliness can creep and find you. / In a crowd / it stands behind you, / Like an ambush / it surrounds you.

Loose Darjeeling Between the Sheets

There’s scratchy darjeeling / Revealing its presence, / To my feet, / In my bed / And by Gad / It’s not pleasant!

Ladies, Time.

Hopping on / telephone lines. / Beaks hovering around / (mouths hoovering up) / lagers and wines.

BBQ Sauce

I would open my chips / and give each one to you. / I’d clear the clouds from the sky / just to give you the blue.

The Night

I love the night / and her surprises, / all her mysteries / and guises.

The Wandering Why

The clock looks out, / but not for me, / he said. / It’s head is turned, / thinking -

Summer Sweet

Categorically / she / is an orange in / the lemon trees

To a Dove

You, to me, / in terms of love, / are like the wings are / to a dove.

For the Clown

For the clown / you see, it’s hard / finding words / to fix a heart.

The SS Cuppaty

Night has fallen / and all at sea, / with broken sails, / I’ll make some tea.
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