Urgent Notice Life, please, I urge thee, / Instill urgency in me. / I have got none / And when I’m gone, / Oh, what will I leave? Oh, City Lights Oh, city lights, / You box of beads, / Covering / The dirt beneath. Cabbages Cabbages have lots of ridges, / but have no shelving, / unlike fridges. Waves …A faint-banded sea snake / doesn’t know that he / could be a contender / to be a world champion. / Driftwood bobs and twirls /… Remember Your Friends When life seems all shitty / and the world all seems crass, / When you’re stuck in the city / full of concrete and glass… Consider the Earth Waves and trees / and bees / and that. / The Earth - / The earthworm’s habitat. The Worrier …Bedtime shields / him from the wild… And the Wind Sweeps Through …The light of early morn / does paint / it’s foothills dark, / it’s summit faint… The Night …What does she hold? / The moon and the stars! / And bats that hang / from window ledges, / then fall into her arms… For Steph Today I felt wretched, / But today is old and tarnished / And tomorrow brings forth many new days. / Maybe I’ll shine tomorrow. Grin and the World Grins With You You scream life’s words, / While the world holds them in. / You make me laugh, / While the world just makes me grin. Fighting Gales …Because we’re here? / Quite high up here? / On slanted slate / from earth below. / (Quite far below) / That I hold my fear / l… Waiting for the Buzz Waiting for the buzz / that’s coming, / Wearing wings / or fins / (or something). / Who am I against this woman? / She is rather bol… Love Is Strange Perfect fruit / Fell from the tree. / Pick it up, / Save it, / Please, for me. Things What Looks Like Faces #9 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces  #8 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces  #7 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces  #6 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces  #5 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces  #4 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces  #3 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces #2 by David Bath Things What Looks Like Faces #1 by David Bath Beer and Ice Cream I cannot think / I cannot write / All words / Absurd / I need the telly / All dumb and warm / I’ll be reborn / With beer and ice crea… Gone An empty case sits / Where my CD should be. / It’s over there, / Not here / With me. A hammock I love you like / my pillow, / My head sinks into / you. / Your neck is the / right shape, / to make, / a hammock made / for two. The Clock Looks Out silence is abuzz / in unthinking eyes. / Crashing / like cymbals and a drum / down a shaft / of a mine. The Love Boat Here’s a ship / to save my bacon. / Climb aboard! / Commence love makin’! Pengin (Green Strawberry) My Japanese chrysanthemum, / My English rose! / Our love is a / Green Strawberry. / Green strawberries will grow. It’s Pretty Cold My blood froze through, / My chest is burning, / And I’ve been left alone / for learning. / I hid / beneath the cloak of winter. / I… Sometimes, I Wish I wish, in vain, / I’d gone insane, / Then all of this / Could be explained. My Valentine Cut flowers / from the shop, / just for you, / that survived, / just to show / that the way / that I feel / is alive. Three Sheets to the Wind Dark dark night, / Wide wide water, / No matter how much / I push or I pull, / The oars won’t do / What they oughta. Icarus Can Hang Molten totem / glowsome core, / if the sun / then I / given love / and fallen in, / am higher than / the sky. Shoe Trees … / No collarless dog / try’ner gi’ me / ‘is fleas. / There’s folks / and there’s life, / But no shoes … Up God forbid / that sense / should teach / this idle brain / to get some sleep. Young Lovers Trees bow their branches / And bamboo canes clap, / Loving young lovers, / Travelling past. Loneliness Loneliness can creep and find you. / In a crowd / it stands behind you, / Like an ambush / it surrounds you. Loose Darjeeling Between the Sheets There’s scratchy darjeeling / Revealing its presence, / To my feet, / In my bed / And by Gad / It’s not pleasant! Ladies, Time. Hopping on / telephone lines. / Beaks hovering, / over lagers and wines. BBQ Sauce I would open my chips / and give each one to you. / I’d clear the clouds from the sky / just to give you the blue. The Night I love the night / and her surprises, / all her mysteries / and guises. The Wandering Why The clock looks out, / but not for me, / he said. / It’s head is turned, / thinking - Summer Sweet Categorically / she / is an orange in / the lemon trees To a Dove You, to me, / in terms of love, / are like the wings are / to a dove. For the Clown For the clown / you see, it’s hard / finding words / to fix a heart. The SS Cuppaty Night has fallen / and all at sea, / with broken sails, / I’ll make some tea. All Over the Shop Two salary men, / with bright red faces, / dropping coins / all over places. Titled (Trumpets and Violins) Why do I hear violins / when I see trumpets play? A Thing That Cats Do Cats put cheese / and chipolatas, / mini quiches, / onion bhajis, Untitled Scared, / A little mixed up, / She’s so sacred to me. Cut Glass and Whine I have been cut, / My glass has been cut, / I am half-cut. We Are Amused Counting my whiskers, / Which’ve grown far too long, / As if they’re autumnal maple leaves - Bare Branches Autumn’s here, / avert your stare, / the trees have stripped / their branches bare. / Their leafy robes / lie everywhere. Exploding Heart Technique The dynamite is packed and loaded, / For my heart to be exploded. / The fuse it fizzles ever shorter, / I wish I could be dipped in water. … Another Cup’ll Wake Me Up I’m the tea-powered man! / I survey all this land, / With a brew in my belly / and a cup in my hand. / We shall fight evil sleep / an… I Miss You We dance until dawn, / or until the batteries fail / on the stereo system, / And then we collapase / onto a soft blanket of grass / in the … The Cat and the Chat When she asked me for the time, / I told her half past nine, / When the time / Was really nearly twelve-o-four, 3 Colours Brown The leaves have lost their colour, / That I picked up off the ground. / Their colours numbered three before, / But now they’re only b… En-Joyed I am en-joyed / to be in your presence, / Like a lamb / to be in his flock, / Like a snug flake of chocolate / in the crease of a cushion, … A Fine Distraction Will you be a distraction / From important matters? / Or from a film, / With endless natter? / Will you be the distraction / That sends me … For the Chi In a world fraught with anger, / You’re my solace and my peace; / My sugared slice of paradise, / My hunger and my feast. Impossibly Much You gave my heart / the Midas touch. / How is it possible / to love this much? The Silver Cat A cat sits on a breezeblock, / On a wet patch of grass, / Lapping milk from a saucer, / Like wine from a glass. Maybe They’re on the Mountain So, my eyelids, / Like portcullis gates, / Drop closed. Watching Seagulls I wish I were your beach towel, / So I could lie against your skin. / Or a break / To keep the wind away, / But let the sunshine in. On a Platform As if a picture of his love, / Lost then, as if he’d lost a limb. / His eyes well weathered, as the coast, / His lips are crumbling /… A Girl With Your Complexion I want a girl / with your complexion, / A girl unhindered / by correction, Wishbone A poem that’s wordless / is worthless, / A silence / inside of a book. / A book which is spineless / is pageless (and hopeless), / A … Commuter #4 by David Bath Commuter #3 by David Bath Commuter #2 by David Bath Commuter #1 by David Bath Fuji-San Cityscape  by David Bath