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Childish Things

Given that RedBubble doesn’t have sets or collections at the moment (unlike another site I use a lot) I’ve not really thought too much about “collecting” any images together, I’ve not really done much by way of having any kind of connection or theme to my images (other than the fact that most are taken around Lincolnshire).

Elsewhere, on my other sites, I’ve tended to group my photographs together in a very mundane way (and I don’t use mundane as a pejorative there — mundane can be good) and, in the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking that I should look for any themes emerging in my photography and try and create collections that way too.

This new account on RedBubble seems like as good a place as any to give this a go.

So, today, I’ve been uploading and tagging images that relate to one theme that I’ve noticed and have, since noticing it, been adding to:

Childish Things

I’d like to describe the theme, I’d like to describe the point of the theme and the mood that goes with it, but it’s hard. I’m not a writer. It’s hard to put the mood into words. Perhaps I will at some point. Until then I can only hope that the photographs convey the mood.

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