The Arguments of Heisenberg and Einstein Weighed by a Partial Observer - oil on canvas - 16" x 16" by Dave Martsolf

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The Arguments of Heisenberg and Einstein Weighed by a Partial Observer - oil on canvas - 16" x 16" by 

Surreal art – an oil painting on canvas – for physics and metaphysics majors, and laymen who enjoy thinking about imponderables.

Einstein thought that the universe could be precisely described. His view is on the right. Heisenberg thought that you could never exactly describe the universe, and that in some cases an object could actually exist at two places at the same time. His theory is on the left. Since all is flux, the observer might be impartial, but today he is partial. Like an IMAX theater, if you experience dizziness or nausea, just turn your head and the feeling should subside! Enjoy!

The original painting is 16″ × 16″, oil on canvas. Contact Dave Martsolf through Bubblemail or write

Featured in Art for the World August 2009.

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  • AndyGii
    AndyGiiover 6 years ago

    Fabulous Love it Don’t know about high ideals but I sometimes feel like this

  • Hi Andy, Yes, sometimes it is clear we are all coming apart at the seams. Makes our life here that much more exciting – that carpe diem thing! Thanks for looking in. – Dave

    – Dave Martsolf

  • ToastedGhost
    ToastedGhostover 6 years ago

    Dats a deep one Dave
    Excellent work

  • Thanks TG, It was an old one I found in the attic from much younger days.

    – Dave Martsolf

  • Heather  Rivet  IPA
    Heather Rivet...over 6 years ago


  • Thanks Heather.

    – Dave Martsolf

  • Romo
    Romoover 6 years ago

    Excellent painting:)

  • Romo, You are so kind. Thanks for taking a peek.

    – Dave Martsolf

  • Syd Baker
    Syd Bakerover 6 years ago

    I Really like this one, think I remember it, because it has little Dali-esque things about it which first attracted me to your work: All Hail Heisey and Einey!!!

  • Hah! Sound a lot like All hail Heinie! Thanks Syd.

    – Dave Martsolf

  • Keith Reesor
    Keith Reesorover 6 years ago

    Either way it still makes a hell of a BANG!! Outstanding painting Dave!!

  • Keith, Thanks so much for your big theory. I’ll try to prove it with empirical evidence in the future.

    – Dave Martsolf

  • Martin Muir
    Martin Muirover 6 years ago

    wow. thats something else dave well done………………martin

  • Hi Martin, You are so kind. I will hang in there to try to produce something worthy.

    – Dave Martsolf

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 6 years ago

    I am not a mayor at anything….but seem to love thinking about the imponderables.
    Of Heisenberg the celebrated heory of the “uncertainty”…(Am I right?)…and Einstein…oh..yes…to my fashion I know what he meant…
    That argument….must be fantastic….I stare at the documentals…seeing things, hearing things, understanding without comprehending…it that is possible. I mean…I can figure out I can see inside but could not talk about it…It is the same as God…a sea of literature has been written, preached and die and killed for it…and I yet…get to the pure Tao, nothing…and all…permanence and inpermanence…no time, no space and yet, limits….concurrences…in your work.. Dae… you are a mayor, I bet, but you re showing itwith humour, and kindness and knowing that at the bottom….of any mayor on physichs or whatever…it is nurturing, basing his brain his mind…a profound sense of awe and ignorance…for the same day that the “reality” will be seen, perceived by man…this species will stop being for being evolved into something else..or…become to where it apparently came… the same Tao, God..Whole….
    Rosa (when I see a butterfly batting her wings….I go and see the newspapers next day..for may be an earthquake is happening on the other corner of the world….but yet..I do not fear…Have a good day…and receive a warm hug from this “sorcerer’s apprentice”9

  • I made a worthy comment somewhere else that fits your musings. Let me try and find it because today I am running in the world of “this” world’s banal requirements and the ‘nothing’ is tucked tightly in my back pocket – now where was that word – something to do with loss of memory – ha ha.

    – Dave Martsolf

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 6 years ago

    mmmmmm!!! sounds exciting….in the intelectual and spiritual sense….
    I think I can wait…but…you have promised!
    Can wait…time …you know…is a fancy.

  • OK. Can’t remember where I left them, but I can recreate with certain small mutation I am sure. It had to do with the aging process and what a mind learns about being and the artifices that man and mankind put in the way of this learning to keep the body alive and keep the social fabric as stable as possible. If you want to BE 100% in the present, then you can have no thoughts. As one ages this effect happens naturally, such that yopung people who look at old folks that are really foolish because they have ‘lost their mind’ or are what we call incompetent to take care of themselves are actually golden beings who have stepped almost 100% into the NOW. Knowing this fact at a young enough age allows you the frightening vision of actually watching yourself fall relentlessy into the abyss of the PRESENT. When you have crossed over completely, you are both 100% dead in body and 100% alive in spirit. All the rest of life on earth is a lesser percentage of both states, though you can get as close to 100% in each category as you want. The bravest warriors attempt to reach the impossible goal of being 100% in both categories at once. Alive, ALIVE. No matter what you do, no matter if you are saint or devil, someday everyone becomes 100% ALIVE. Scary and exciting. I remember the old yogi – there are as many ways to heaven as there are people on earth (more actually), but there is only ONE WAY. OK, enough for now. It was something like that. So, if you can’t remember things, don’t worry. You’re just dying and becoming more alive. Smile :-) .

    – Dave Martsolf

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 6 years ago

    Thank you so much Dave…. you sound wise…and hearty.Talking from your own to my own and other’s.
    I do not worry for not remembering things.In fact…I am starting to feel that forgetting things is a releif for a quite buzzing mind. I have learnt and know all this about being completely alive is not having thoughts. That’s right, as soon as we interpret this as thoughts not being “had”… for thoughts are an intelect breathing and no one can hold the breath neither “have it”… it just happens and thatis all..I am the breathing…I am the thoughts…and so it is more complicated. It is a matter of not identifying with the thoughts, rather than not having them. And the gurus….and the supposed enlightened souls and alive not necessarily have come to an old age, not remembering anything and being considered as stupids….the taoist consideration about the “stupidity” is much more a sort of “didactic joke” rather than an statement. The same said Jesus about the “por of spiit”….or the sinners..or that quality of Life “being as children”. I know too that I am dying.. all the time, since the first moment, may be that I was sad about things going and axious about what is was going to come. And yet it is not wholly dying…the are little deaths, that one mostly overcomes with the pressure of as you mentioned “keeping…not being…ALIVE”.
    I love the way you can talk about all this. It is vibrant and thoughtful, but somehow it is passionate and spontaneous enough as to be dancing and ready to be launched in a y given moment.
    The present is comunicating with you…as soon as I will click “add comment”…I should have forgotten it…for being alive…and yet…I cherish the remembering of the words that are also “dancing” and doing acrobacies in the sacred space of Tao…unchangeable..
    Have my recognition and thanks for all this present, happy moment.
    Rosa (thanks for being present in my promoting the already promoted “Dicothomy…..”a meaning work for me….with its own story…)

  • Rosa, I like your key thought “It is a matter of not identifying with the thoughts, rather than not having them.” In fact, I like this very very much, so that I change my original path and learn from you and enrich my own understanding. Another layer to see thorough. It is endless. And, I like your idea of the dance. I am enjoying all your words in this dance, as there are of course many dances. This is one where two people willingly engage in a dance, as opposed to some of the Greek dances where the man dances alone to express his life experience to others in a community,more like the art works we post here at RB. No, the dance of two is a special one. Even there some 2-dances become stale and forced over time, where partners go through motions without feeling. But, this is not that dance and I am enjoying it. So, thank you so much for your view and counterpoint. The expression somehow becomes the idea that is being sculpted between us. Acollaboration of sorts. The band begins to play. Thank you, Rosa.

    – Dave Martsolf

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