I was born in Dublin, Ireland and funnily enough I happen to live in Dublin, Ireland.
I developed a huge interest in photography about twenty years ago and my first ever camera was a beautifully clunky Olympus OM10.

I used to run a really cool record store here in Dublin called Road Records, now sadly closed down since 2010, we were open for 13 years but unfortunately the digital world caught up with old fashioned “Mom and Pop” stores here in Dublin.

I shoot mostly on my trusted old Canon Eos 20D. I used to love shooting on film but sadly I no longer had access to a darkroom so that quickly put a stop to that.
Very occasionally I do get a chance to break out my old medium format film camera and recently I have been shooting a lot more on film again, strange how things turn around isn’t it. I love shooting on film and have recently gained access to a darkroom again, I must admit there is simply nothing more enjoyable than developing film and doing your own hand prints in a darkroom. I now shoot mostly on 120mm film and either use an old Russian made Kiev 6C or a rather beautiful [but borrowed] Zenza Bronica SQ-A 120mm film camera.

My true photographic obsession would have to be landscapes and trees [mostly trees]
I love high contrast black and white photography and tend to dabble quite a lot in the dream like qualities of infra-red.

I also run a blog all about the Phoenix Park here in Dublin called Visions Of The Phoenix Park

  • Age: 46
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And the blog has been updated

Just to let you know I have added four or five new posts to my Phoenix Park photography blog in the last few weeks. / Haven’t updated you recently on it so now that’s one more job out of the way. / Enjoy / Dave / “Visions Of The Phoenix Park”: http://visionsofthephoenixpark.com/
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My Blog Again

I have been very busy recently working on my Phoenix Park blog. / Please go check out what I’ve been up to. / Thanks / Visions Of The Phoenix Park
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A new post on my Phoenix Park blog

Hey everybody, just to let you know that I have just updated my blog today. / You can find me at Visions Of The Phoenix Park
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Some new film shots

I have just added some lovely [my opinion obviously] new shots to my film photography section. This is part of my new ongoing series of medium format film photography. / Feel free to leave your comments, they are greatly appreciated. / Film Photography
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