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Dave Cheney

Dave Cheney

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Buyers' Booth winners

For the 2nd week in a row, Tees have swept the board. / Coming in at the last moment to steal victory was thickblackoutline’s superb entry, featuring her own Icy Snow. / Tees and cards also took out notable mentions this week / Who Invited Him T-Shirt By Lostboy1, Modeled by the Stunning Paulette. / and / Aglow and The One modeled by the omnidexterious Kara Roundtree / The challenge for th…
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Inaugural Buyers' Booth Winner announced

After considerable deliberation this week’s Buyers’ Booth winner has been chosen / Congratulations to Belinda Leopold for her use of the classic Sex Pistols salute. / I’d also like to give notable mention (but sadly no prize money) to webgrrl for her entry / and also too sjem for tasteful exploitation of sjem the younger. / So that’s it for the first weeks judging. Winners…
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H is for Hasselhoff

At RedBubble we follow the motto of release early, release often. You’ve probably noticed that Thursday mornings aren’t the best time for getting your Bubble fix. Each of our weekly releases are grouped into sets roughly corresponding to a feature we’re developing (Writing, Community, the new Home page … oops I may have said too much). For reasons that predate me these set…
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