Powerful Emotion (Goodies Inside)

Now here’s a video that shows some powerful emotion… featuring a man who was no stranger to emotion. Johnny Cash lived a full and intriguing life, but some of his choices haunted him in the end. This song Hurt was written by Trent Reznor, so its actually a cover being performed by the Man in Black. ’Tis an excellent video that even stars a special guest, June Carter Cash.

Trust me (or don’t), but this is a sobering video which forces the viewer to, at the very least, stop and acknowledge regret… at least it did me. Being one of the last projects he performed, Hurt seems to epitomize the sorrows of J.R. Cash’s life.

Now for the Goodies!

I downloaded this video by Mr. Cash off of YouTube via an extension called FastestTube that I’ve found within the Opera web browser. With it, every YouTube video now has a drop-down button titled Download. Its great for me because I’m on a super-slow connection, and FastestTube saves the vid to my hard drive, allowing for repeat and lag-free views.

If you don’t run Opera, you can go to the FastestTube website and get the tool that works with your browser. I can only speak for Opera, but it works great for me. Hopefully it plays nice with the other softwarez.

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