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Hello all, for the few of you out there that may follow my work, i am back or so i hope to be. i forget if i wrote a journal entry or not about me getting a new job or not, so anywho the new job has been great. i work 4 days a week and have 3 days off, which would seem great for a photographer, or so i thought. my new gig is an orderfiller. i lift about 2,000 cases a day, which i suppose isnt too bad, but come weekend i sit around… which is the opposite of what i would like to do with my time. i dont know if it has to do with being winter and cold outside or the lack of snow and crazy weather Illinois has seen this year or what. but it sucks…
So with spring right around the corner i am hoping that the warmer weather will get me back in the great outdoors, because i surely miss it & my camera. I havent done a whole lot of shooting in the last 4 months which is kinda depressing, but in the last month ive spent a good chuck of change on a big variety of bird food. As well as reading up a bit on attracting them to my backyard and taking “nature” looking photos of them.
So anywho thought id get that bit off my chest. Here is to a productive year!!!

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