Hello all, for the few of you out there that may follow my work, i am back or so i hope to be. i forget if i wrote a journal entry or not about me getting a new job or not, so anywho the new job has been great. i work 4 days a week and have 3 days off, which would seem great for a photographer, or so i thought. my new gig is an orderfiller. i lift about 2,000 cases a day, which i suppose isnt too bad, but come weekend i sit around… which is the opposite of what i would like to do with my time. i dont know if it has to do with being winter and cold outside or the lack of snow and crazy weather Illinois has seen this year or what. but it sucks…
So with spring right around the corner i am hoping that the warmer weather will get me back in the great outdoors, because i sure…


I am very pleased to say that i have had four sales since i started the sale and decided to donate half of the profits. i would like to thank whomever you are that made the purchases, they will be greatly appretiated and will be put to good use!

2 yr anniversary

So my 2yr anny was yesterday and im getting close to 20,000 total views between my photos, shirts, calendars and my bubblesite. I am glad to say that i love this website and that it is a great place to come and get some help or view and purchase some great artwork. I am also glad to say that i have had several sales since i started my sale a few days ago and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to help those in need in Japan.
I would like everyone know that i truly appretiate the comments and views, it keeps me positive and keeps me going. there were a few months where i was wondering whether or not i should leave this account open or not because i was feeling a bit down, but all that is in the past and spring time is here and i am in high spirits.
Here soon i hope to expand m…

Sale & Donations for relief in Japan!!

Tomorrow is my 2yr anniversary here on Redbubble and I will be having a sale on my artwork starting this evening when i get off work and have more time to change all of the prices. I plan to donate 50% of the sales to the Red Cross to help those in need in Japan. If you cant buy anything that is alright, a simple view or comment is enough to keep me going. i also have a Fan Page on Facebook where i have stated this aswell. Also if i can manage to get 300 fans by the end of the month on Facebook then i plan to donate 75% of the sales.

A link to my Fanpage on Facebook.

Oh Colorado...!!!!

Oh Colorado it has been far FAR TOO LONG since ive visited you!
I am leaving for Colorado in about 24hrs on 6/28/10 for a week long vacation with my g/f. My previous 2 trips to the great state have had its ups and downs. my 1st trip about 8-10yrs ago i was about 15 or 16 and with my parents, we went out there for a wedding and did some hiking at pikes peak. We checked out the Royal Gorge and a few other parks i imagine. My 2nd trip in 2003 was a blast and a blur all at the same time. I was 19 and with 3 of my other friends. i drove 18hrs straight through to Delta CO on the other side of the mountains. Got there about 8am and started drinking LOL well jsut a few. WE went for a country cruise with a few of my cousins, got a flat tire on some back road in gunnisson forest (i think) we…

2010 Coleta Time Trial

Well this past weekend (6-5-2010) i had my 1st big photo shoot. It went pretty well for still being fairly new to photography. There were about 100 or so riders at the event. (Which was a cycling time trial Championship in case you were wondering) I went into the event with good expexctations, i knew what i had to do and was prepared for the rain. Luckily it only rained for an hour or so. I took about 3-4 photos of all the riders so i have a nice selection of photos to choose from for everyone.
For those of you that were in the Time Trial i am sorry that it is taking longer than i anticipated but i totally didnt plan on working an open to close on sunday…. but thats another story lol, at any rate i thank you for being patient and viewing my website, and any sales will be grea…

1st Year on Redbubble

So today is my 1yr anniversary here on redbubble!! Im pretty excited that ive stuck it out with photography as my 9 year anny is coming up in april with pizza hut >.< and i dunno if i want to deliver pizzas for another 30yrs <,< Anywho I am having alot of fun with photography so far and i love this website. It is pretty user friendly and i have met some great people on here and even learned a few things!! i have introduced 3 of my friends and my sister to the website.To date i have 101 photos on here with 3839 views, 8 t-shirts with 1305 views, 2 calendars with 29 views, and my bubblesite has 174 views. All of which i am proud of because if i wouldnt have stumbled up redbubble via google(probably anyways lol) i probably wouldn’t have stuck it out with photography, and i …

Finally on Facebook!

So i finally made a fanpage for my photography tonight!! im pretty excited, now i can use that instead of always throwing up links in my regular facebook profile. although i do like how redbubble posts our works to our news stream on our FB pages, but u can never have enough advertising!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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