I love just about everything about the great outdoors, from hiking, biking, camping and fishing. When i get the time i like to get out and play a few rounds of discgolf. Ive been taking “snapshot” pics for several years but about a year ago i got myself a Sony a330 SLR and im loving it! Feel free to leave any comments or tips, see ya around the bubble!!!
Sony a330 18-55mm DT Lens 75-300mm DT Lens both sony lenses.

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  • Age: 32
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Hello all, for the few of you out there that may follow my work, i am back or so i hope to be. i forget if i wrote a journal entry or not about me getting a new job or not, so anywho the new job has been great. i work 4 days a week and have 3 days off, which would seem great for a photographer, or so i thought. my new gig is an orderfiller. i lift about 2,000 cases a day, which i suppose isnt too…
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I am very pleased to say that i have had four sales since i started the sale and decided to donate half of the profits. i would like to thank whomever you are that made the purchases, they will be greatly appretiated and will be put to good use!
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2 yr anniversary

So my 2yr anny was yesterday and im getting close to 20,000 total views between my photos, shirts, calendars and my bubblesite. I am glad to say that i love this website and that it is a great place to come and get some help or view and purchase some great artwork. I am also glad to say that i have had several sales since i started my sale a few days ago and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to…
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Sale & Donations for relief in Japan!!

Tomorrow is my 2yr anniversary here on Redbubble and I will be having a sale on my artwork starting this evening when i get off work and have more time to change all of the prices. I plan to donate 50% of the sales to the Red Cross to help those in need in Japan. If you cant buy anything that is alright, a simple view or comment is enough to keep me going. i also have a Fan Page on Facebook where…
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