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I’m me, well at least for now. I’m trying to keep my profile clean, so you don’t have to go through 18 pages of pictures to view them all. So yes I have more than six T’s and Pic’s. Other than that enjoy my bubble!


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Where do the Possums go?

Actually has nothing to do with being new or old (or possums). It’s more about limited edition things, burgers to be specific. You always find that great burger from your favorite restraunt right? You go there every day and chop down and enjoy gazing at it when the sun is setting and the light is just right. You order it for take out and take long walks along the beach holding your burger i…
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Churlish Lawnmowers...

So one day I’m mowing the lawn listening to music, laughing at people that look at me funny when they walk by. As I get close to our pond that has a kidney bean shape I get more cautious because the pond’s lining has been laid out over some parts of the grass. So there I am taking my time making careful notes to not mow the lining. Then somehow the mower grabs hold of the corner an…
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THE CHIMERA! or "the Future in Video Gaming"

What’s a Journal? / Your Journal is a great place to communicate with your fans and the people who are interested in your work. People who are watching you will be notified each time you update your Journal. / I guess you could use it for that. Even though you comment on photo’s and have mass bubble mails to around a million people who don’t read them anyways. You know what, I…
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