This is a painting I did back in 1993 for a good friend of mine. I just happened to come across an old photograph I took of the painting and I thought I would post it here after some minor touch-up in photoshop. It was an early work when I was still learning the basics of portraying the female figure. It was done I believe in acrylic paint on the top of a wooden door.

It portrays the image of a woman battling a sea serpent. The iconic image of battling a sea monster goes back to antiquity. Cetus is a sea monster and a constellation in the northern sky. In Jonah 2:1 (1:17 in English translation ), the Hebrew text reads dag gadol (דג גדול ), which literally means “great fish.” The Septuagint translates this phrase into Greek as mega ketos (μέγα κῆτος ). The term ketos alone means “huge fish,” and in Greek mythology the term was closely associated with sea monsters. The sea serpent later morphed into the killer whale. Sea serpents were known to sea-faring cultures in the Mediterranean and Near East, appearing in both mythology (the Babylonian Labbu ) and in apparent eye-witness accounts (Aristotle’s Historia Animalium ). Better known today are the Biblical references to Leviathan and Rahab, from the Hebrew Tanakh.

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warrior, fight, amazon, sorcery, slay, good and evil, sea serpent, warrior woman, snake, dragon, battle, sword, goddess, monster

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