I have only recently become interested in Photography.
I enjoy looking at other photographers art to get inspiration, and a different perspective.

I have bought a Canon 40D, a few lenses, filters and minimal lighting equipment.
I joined a local camera club, in 2009, to do a Photography course. I have also completed a few excellent workshops with Shelton Muller/ Glenn Lavender’s CPW team.

  • Age: 29
  • Joined: May 2009


I have returned!!!

Hello Redbubblers, / I have safely returned, and recovered, from my adventure to UK and Northern Europe. / I had a Wonderful 6 weeks driving around the continent. I visited England, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden & (of course) Germany (The beautiful Herrenhauser Garten in Hannover). / I am currently sorting though my photos, looking for the select few that will be uploaded to …
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