Longside, United Kingdom

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The Totally implausible, Intergalactic Adventures… “We-e-e-l-l-l, I don’t think they serve burger and fries here Benny.” / “Do you realise what it is we’ve found?” / “Of course I do, and my … siren song All things considered that year was the crappiest year of my life. My father died suddenly in February. As hard as my father’s death was f… there is only today There is only today / This is what I tell myself each morning I wake / My eyes open to my prison once more / The curse leaves my lips / Th… This is why I write Everybody has a dream held onto from infancy. Childhood dreams; one by one they fade but one is always kept, nurtured in the dark secret pl… The Dark Earth The Dark Earth (Working title.) / Some say it started with the virus, but it didn’t, it started the year before mosaic wiped out ninety-nin… A forest’s lament Tiny creatures stand at my feet / Stopping to marvel at my majesty / Little firefly sparks of life / Brief instants measured against mine /… Ballet slippers and childhood dreams Ballet Slippers and Childhood dreams / Samantha did the exercises every day, almost a sacred act. Other parts of her life were routinely al… Family Ties She bit back her retort, throwing her hands in the air and whirling to face the window. He could see her jaw muscles working beneath her t… Excepts from life A CAMPING WE WILL GO… / Let’s amble back down the winding path of time to 1983. To a patch of ground on the Nicol Ballogie estate near Aboy… By the human hand By the Human Hand / Hungry, the oceans swell / Bloated by heat, gorged on pollution. / Gnawing the rocky land, / Swallowing once verdant ea… Time heals all? Time Heals All / This they say; / Time heals all. / Yet wounds there are / That Chronos’ salve cannot absolve / The immeasurable wonder of… In the beginning… T / He huge moors raven rode the thermals lazily; its great wings spread wide. Below, far below the sparse land simmered in the midsummer … There lies guillermo brown There lies Guillermo Brown / The church clock strikes eight just so’s everyone in the neighbourhood knows it’s six. On the rain slick, mar… Friendship A beguiling word and bewitching glance may unfasten many a door. / But if my favour you would adjure; this alone is all I ask; / Speak your… We’re… Doomed Twilight is upon me. / Soon night must fall. / The chains shall be broken. / The great wolf shall stalk the land once more. / The Harbinger… The lost horizon by darkenwolf Honey how do i look? by darkenwolf Do You Mind? by darkenwolf The green cathedral by darkenwolf Cute an Fluffy by darkenwolf Natural hypnosis by darkenwolf Do i see a troll? by darkenwolf shhh! can you hear it? by darkenwolf idyllic walk by darkenwolf The gorse is in flower by darkenwolf Big sky by darkenwolf i wonder where that goes by darkenwolf I call it serenity by darkenwolf the daily commute by darkenwolf nice for a spot of fishing? by darkenwolf My boys by darkenwolf It's a little cold outside by darkenwolf The circle of life by darkenwolf The Tao of the Wolf …truth does not need belief… The Darkwolf …A soul shackled in chains of eldritch hue…