The Silver Pendant

Chaos walked amongst the town of Petersburg. It began when Grace Blackstone, a young medical researcher received a package at her home. It was a cold and dreary day, and being on vacation, she decided to stay indoors. When the doorbell rang, Grace jumped, her nerves were recently frayed, due to terrible nightmares and lack of sleep. She grabbed a sweater and headed downstairs. A cold chill swept inside her house making her shiver as she opened the door.

Once inside, she proceeded to open the package. She stood there staring dumbly at the contents. Inside a rectangular box lay a lovely silver necklace with a strange dagger for a pendant. The dagger was silver, with a black outlining and had a snake curled around it with red glowing eyes. Grace stared at it enchanted, she was repulsed, yet fascinated at the same time. It was the necklace in her nightmares, though she never did remember them , she definitely knew she had seen the necklace before. Fear seized her heart and she trembled in spite of herself. Why she felt this irrational fear, she didn’t know. Ignoring the sensation of foreboding deep in the pit of her stomach, she grabbed the necklace and hung itaround her neck on an impulse.

At that moment a dark figure who hid behind the oak tree in front of Grace’s house, laughed a soft maniacal laugh, his eyes glowed brightly, for a brief moment and then turned instantly, black… In the middle of the night, Grace opened her eyes, she got up from her bed, an intense feeling within her, she needed to kill. Every one deserved to die. She would start with her next door neighbors, the Fletcher’s. She closed the door behind her not bothering to get dressed.

Slowly, stealthily and with determination she approached, the Fletcher’s home. All the lights were out, all was silent. Grace grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen, not making a sound. She tiptoed all the way upstairs, to where the rooms were. She started with the children.

She felt cold and wet. She opened her eyes and saw she was not in her bed, but lying on the grass, between her house and the neighbors. She was bewildered and had no idea how she had gotten there. As she tried to get up, she got a look at her hands, which to her horror were stained with blood. Blood! Her mind screamed. Examining them she saw the blood was not hers. She managed to get into the house, her heart racing wildly, frantically searching her memories and trying to recall what had happened. She remembered nothing. Attributing it all to her nightmares, she cleaned up and fell into a deep sleep.

Sirens screaming in the distance, broke the eerie silence. Grace woke up and looked out of her window. An ambulance was approaching, a police car not far behind. Several questions haunted her mind, as she saw the neighbors gather around the Fletcher’s home, her skin broke into goose bumps. Something horrible had happened she just knew it.

“Breaking news.. There appears to be a serial killer on the loose, here in the town of Petersburg. Several families have been murdered in their own homes. Police say they have no suspects as of yet. No motive has been found either, It is a most baffling case, that due to the lack of incriminating evidence, it has been rumored that local Police have been seriously considered calling in the FBI.” Grace Blackstone was at her job researching a supposedly new found cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Her co- worker and only friend, Lara Parker, shook her head, shuddering slightly, “ Can you believe it? We’re not safe anywhere any more.” Grace just nodded sympathetically, a chill of her own creeping up her spine. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. She washed her face, the cool water soothing her.

As she lookedin the mirror, her heart lurched forward and she nearly screamed. In the far right corner she saw a dark figure shaped like a man, staring back at her with red glowing eyes, it seemed they were the same eyes of the pendant she wore. He smiled wickedly at her and vanished into thin air. Grace felt the color drain from her face, an involuntary shudder trembled through her body. What was happening? She asked herself.

The dark figure appeared in Grace’s home, walking slowly through every room. He was speaking in a strange tongue, evil washed off of him in waves infecting the whole house. He disappeared as Grace parked her vehicle in the garage. Inside the house, all hell broke loose, for her. All of her nightmares came rushing to her head at once. Her head pounded heavily against her skull, the pressure was so intense, it brought her to her knees. Her heart beat so loudly she could hear it as if it were inside her ears. The images came and went, the violence of the crimes, the gore, the screams. She saw them over and over again, until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Everything went black.

She came to and was not in her living room, not even in her house, She lay on the grass in front of a strange red brick house. She sat up and blinked trying to concentrate and clear her head, the familiar sirens, sounding in the distance. Horrified, confused and dazed she ran as fast as she could.

”Latest news. The hunt for the serial killer is still at large. No breakthroughs have been made. This could be the most difficult homicide investigation in Petersburg, yet. FBI agents are now involved and we will continue to update more information on the eleven o’clock news. In the meantime, lock your doors and be safe.”

Three months later…

Grace was a terrible mess. She no longer went to work, she no longer called Lara or any one else for that matter, she spent her days and nights locked inside her house. She did not answer any calls or opened the door. Her hair was a mess, her skin translucent pale. Her eyes had dark circles under them, she was barely skin and bones. She spoke to herself, muttering the same thing over and over” Must kill. Must kill. Must kill..” The necklace with the dagger pendant glowed malevolently in the dark like the epiphany of all evil. Grace was no longer herself. The dark figure stood besides her all the time now, coaxing her to kill and kill again. Grace looked at him and smiled nodding.

“ Poor Grace.” Lara said to Dr. Gray Winters, head doctor of Petersburg’s only asylum.” Dr, Gray nodded absently. “ I never knew. She- she.. Was my best friend. I’ve known her all of my life. I should have known something was wrong. I-” Dr. Gray cut her off gently. “ It’s not your fault, Lara these things happen. She just snapped, this occurs sometimes. She’s with the best here, so don’t worry she’ll be fine. You did the right thing.” “ Lara nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. Grace had been the serial killer. She had been the one killing all of those innocent families and Lara could not possibly fathom why? What had possessed her to do such a thing?

Grace sat on her padded cell, holding her knees and rocking back and forth. She didn’t speak, she didn’t even acknowledge, Lara’s presence. It was as if she were lost to the world. She occasionally spoke to herself and nodded as if speaking to somebody she could only see and hear. Lara decided to visit her one last time, she knew her friend would never come back to the real world again. She sat in front of Grace and spoke to her sweetly, talking about old childhood memories of them together. Grace stared straight ahead, never even blinking.

Finally, Lara got up to leave, feeling pain constrict her lungs, tears brimming in the corner of her eyes. ‘ Good bye, Grace. Get better. ‘She said knowing it would never happen. Lara bent down to hug her, when Grace grabbed her hand urgently. Lara’s eyes widened and she looked at her friend astonished. Grace had given her the necklace that she had worn around her neck. Lara took it and nodded, she would keep it as a souvenir of their friendship. She didn’t see Grace’s cold smile. The dark figure winked at her.

Lara drove home. She had the pendant necklace,she looked at it and on an impulse,wore it.She was so tired she decided to skip a meal and go straight to bed. As she lay there, nightmares taking over her dreams, the necklace glowed…Somewhere in the middle of the night, she woke up on a dark deserted alley. She had no idea what she was doing there. Slowly she sat up and bringing her hands towards her, saw that they were stained with blood.

Amongst the shadows the dark figure laughed maniacally, as Lara’s bloodcurdling screams enveloped the night.

“This just out. Another baffling case. There seems to be another serial killer on the loose, here in the town of Petersburg. This killer seems to be targeting children. There have been four known murders so far. Police are investigating….

The town was called Petersburg, without the Saint. For the demons from Hell who sought refuge on earth after God’s wrath meant their world would be a place of the past. They intended to live in a society where they can mingle with humans and go undetected. They would live healthy, and happy, where the demonic behavior would flourish. Angels in Heaven would ignore the evil doings because they would simply blame it on mortal sins.

Unfortunately, when they crossed onto the surface of the planet, they took with them a Dark-Keeper. This evil presence could make any sin a disaster. It would steal dreams away from people who aren’t even sleeping. The struggles that the demons would have would show in magnitude in the evil they would do. The mortals would be aware of their presence, and try to cast them out with the help of divine power. The demons had to think of other ways to commit sin so the blame wouldn’t be on them.

The demons had to live amongst the mortals as best they could. They knew it was going to be a challenge, but it was one challenge they would certainly take on. God had destroyed Hell, but they knew deep in their cold hearts, that God would not destroy the mortals. He had a soft spot for them. He cared about them. That was certainly some news they could live with. If they commit crimes against humanity, they would have to keep it low-keyed, because they knew that the Dark-Keeper would triple the horror.

The Silver Pendant


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