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A new era... Self portraits in abandonments

A very good friend of mine has inspired me to finally do this. The first time I met her she showed me her nude self portraits as well as a few she had done of other people. I have always wanted to do male nudes in an abandonment but its VERY hard to get a male to pose nude for me (but for some reason I can get a girl naked any day of the week… go figure) And since I could not get any of my boy(friend)s to do it… I finally gave up and said… If ya want something done… better just do it yourself.

I used to just take random of photos of me in abandonments when I had the time or when I had an idea that I needed to get out of my head. The first time I did it,for serious, it was in a hospital gown with the help of a friend when I was staying in Kentucky in the middle of a freezing cold January.

My health has declined significantly since then. I can’t seem to lose any weight, and from head to toe… I am falling apart. I don’t like the way I look but with the possibility of impending doom ahead… I’m taking control of my life in any way I can. Part of that is just accepting what I am today and going for it.

I have been a photographer for a good portion of my life… I know how to make people look good. I know how to pose… I can make the best of what I have.

Plus for some reason… I have a large following here as well as a few people ive met along the way in my life that absolutely adore me and every single thing that I do.

So… im taking my exploring a step further… I am a loner, and the only way to get all the pain and hurt out and for people to remember me is to do this….

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