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Hi guys and gals,
Thanks for stopping by.
I have been a member of Redbubble for a while now mainly to buy the great tees, thinking one day I’m gonna do that.
Well that day has come.
I am a colour blind artist from Darwin, Australia, so if the colours look wrong, please tell me. I am working with Photoshop an Illustrator on a Cintiq 21u 2nd ed. and have to go on the numbers in the palette boxes to get it “right”, but I don’t really understand it that well yet, haha.
I am interested in making profound illustrations at the mo, and have a few ideas which I will be posting as I complete them. Please let me know what you think and please be brutal, I really want to know everyone’s opinion and let me know if you want mine, I’m all to willing to tell you what I think. Hehe
I also love to write and am in the 1000 year prcess of writing a fantasy novel.
I am slightly more efficient at writing songs and I play guitar.
Thanks for “listening”.
Darfaultner (No relation to Darfvader)

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