Dan Waters

Dan Waters

Point Harbor, United States

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Prior to coming to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I lived in Montgomery County, MD, where I had my own successful business as a master stonemason. At the same time, I had an avocation as a naturalist photographer which combined my interest in photography, nature and conservation. Unfortunately, my occupation as a stonemason was foreshortened by a back injury. However, as often happens in life when one door closes another opens and I found my new vocation and artistic passion in ceramics after moving to the Outer Banks. I made my living based on my ceramic art for the last 18 years, but my lifelong love of photography and nature has pleasantly continued to evolve. Now my income is almost evenly split between photography and pottery. I feel fortunate that I have found my vocation and livelihood as a potter and photographer and feel, “They are the best two jobs I could ever have.”
I hope the enjoyment I get from creating photography and pottery is passed on to you.
Through photography, I attempt to bring my visions and feelings to the viewer. I hope to share my insights and enjoyment of nature with others. I believe in taking nothing from nature but photographs and leaving nothing behind but footprints.
Everything Has Its Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It.

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