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Hi, I’m young man from Milton Keynes, England. And I attempt to be a musician, writer and artist. I’m full of ideas and desire. And have been told I’m the ‘Scholar of none’, which is fair enough as there isn’t much I’m not interested in and not alot that creatively I wouldn’t want to try.

You can find out more about me and see more of my work at my website danpatmore.com

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Something to say? Then say it

The last couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to escape some of the banality of my working life with refreshing and intellectual qualities. It’s been excellent, I always tire of hearing phrases like ‘oh that’s a bit heavy for a (INSERT DAY) morning/lunchtime/afternoon/night (delete as appropriate).’ Who sets the agenda of what should be discussed and when? As intelligent (well mostly) adul…
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Martin Luther King and Love

I have been thinking about love. It’s been inspired by watching a documentary on Martin Luther King. It was focusing on the idea of him as a prophet and the importance of his religion to him and in his speeches. A few things struck me; / 1) was how eerily recent his life and struggle was / 2) how there is still so much racial and religious injustice, intolerance and hate in this world / 3) h…
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open mic

tonight I went to an open mic. It was my first live performance in over a year. My voice felt horrible, tight, strained, nothing like as strong as I would expect it. I felt irritated by the platitudes of professionalism and sounding good. I know I did not. / The night however, was amazing. From a random moment of urban lyrical stylings to the awe inspiring tribal drums and dancing, power, ene…
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I’ve got no words inside today / But I’ve got thoughts inside today / Like being conflicted / But perhaps just keen / To be all the things I like to be / Want to be / Think I can be / I can be / I can be
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