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Cassette Memories by Danny Great expectations by Danny Labelled by Danny Pass Me That Piano by Danny Photoshop is EASY by Danny Pass Me That Piano- Black Edition by Danny The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range by Danny I'm warning you Freud by Danny The Spectre by Danny Alice through the PSP  filters with added knife by Danny

RB tutourials – How to write Poetry on Red …

How to write poetry on Red Bubble / Great tips for new players
Saw you in the shadows baby! by Danny Steam Punk Goggles by Danny You can only imagine........ by Danny

Pull My Finger

Winner of the Twilight Zone Challenge / Hey I just realised. something .. Anne ? what did I win?
The Evolution of 20th Century warfare by Danny This years model by Danny Be prepared by Danny faaaark yeah! by Danny The Pelican by Danny Maire +Pierre Curie finally get a break from the lab by Danny Murder Palette Collaboration by Danny Steampunk Lamp by Danny

Life in a gas mask

It was hard to live your life with a gas mask on. / Distorting the words you wanted to really say and clouding the sights you wanted to see…
Butterfly effect by Danny Say NO to domestic violence by Danny Ratty Rock God - In memorium by Danny


Brian missed his wife.
The Pelican by Danny Still life in colour by Danny Julie Roberts can.......... by Danny Edgar Allen Pooh by Danny

Why can’t all the writing on this site be s…

“He didn’t have clean underwear on”
Scattering in the light by Danny another bloody calendar i got from my tight arse friends by Danny Calendar


Ross just didn’t enjoy Market day like he used too.

Regard not these scavengers

The young wife of the captain wailed hysterically as she cradled his head on her breasts swelled as they were due to the lateness of her pr…

Dawn of the Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty’s body was taken to the court coroner and after a short and somewhat suspect investigation his demise was attributed to Deat…


Here he could fly.


At least my conscience is clear


Mankind was all gone, only a few of the most stubborn stars still blinked weakly in the heavens. / It was finally over. / It had been a goo…



Always choose treat

Jason walked up the footpath with his usual swagger, his mates lagging a few steps behind. He leaped up the stairs in one bound. / “I…

“With great power comes great responsibility”

“With great power comes great responsibility” / These words had haunted Spiderman ever since his Uncle Ben’s death and the impact of them h…

MUSIC FOR THE MIND and more………&…

The I AM THE BAND Challenge ALBUM / A list of songs many with accompanying videos by entrants from the last ARSE Group challenge. / 1) Wa…

Murder Palette

White were the lies told to protect me / Black was the mood it sent me / Green was the jealousy that engulfed me / Red was the anger that e…


But gee Mumy was smelling really good now.

Sundays bells

Ask not whom the bells toll for they toll like this: / CLANG,CLANG,CLANG.

There’s an old Chinese saying that goesR…

She didn’t even bother listening for sounds of life anymore as she made her way through the empty Shopping Mall and out onto the main…

Why the darkness ? (to hide who farted)

…the darkness cleared momentarily. / My daughter sat in a chair stroking the cat. / I was next to her in my recliner reading a book on Arge…


Music. / Music everywhere. / Every sound: music / Glorious, glorious music. / Filling all his senses, filling all his soul. / Floating him …

Robot (slow) Death according to certain 18th Cent…

Contains traces of nuts and old jokes

All Souls Day

Terry held his head in his hands as he sat on the steps leading up to the party. / Tears fell from his face onto his shoeless feet and inst…


His daughter sat in a chair stroking the cat. / He was next to her in his recliner reading a book on Argentinean Death Squads. / “Daddy?” /…

the halloween house

The teenagers moved up the overgrown pathway leading up to the dilapidated house

ode 2 mi fon

i am old / but i m hip / on mi fon / i cn txt / snd a txt / 2 mi mum / xpct it 2 cum bak soon / an specul8 / on tha growng / markt / of du…

The Stake Out

“Uh ha”

Idle hands

Idle hands do the devil’s work / True if you compare customers to demons, which most of them aren’t fuckin’ far off from: / “No young man I…


The doctor rose from his seat and gestured towards the examination table that seemed to take up a third of his small office. / “looks like…

The Pelican – the Professor’s fears.

Derek Derringer a.k.a The Pelican was sitting in the lounge room enjoying the peace and quite of the cool November air as it gently blew t…

I saw a Pelican today

Today, driving down the freeway to work. I was lucky enough to catch from the corner of my eye something in the sky. / Flying west to east …

fabric softener

Og smashed away with her rock at the pelt that Ug had just skinned from the large boar that was to be next weeks dinner , lunch and any oth…

Christmas morn

Christmas morning 5.00AM. / I heard the noise up the hall. The kids were getting up earlier every year. / I’d nudged the wife who like me …
Shakespeare is dead  by Danny

Be careful of what you wish for.. OR ..when you w…

a two and a half metre , four limbed, grey skinned Alien is ready to slam a very large cylindrical probe up my butt.
view outside my window circa. 1935 by Danny


I couldn’t sleep

A perfect day

As will tomorrow and everyday she stays with me, here, together.
ELEFONT by Danny

Jaded, me? Mah!

When there is no more racism / When there is no more bigotry / When there is no more sexism / When there is no more ageism / When there is…

My Hobbit House

MY HOBBIT HOUSE / " / ’; / Read it!
House Pie by Danny
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