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LaFayette, United States

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I really enjoy taking pictures, although sometimes its hard to capture the actual beauty of things. I don’t have a fancy camera, just a imagination. I hope one day to be a successful photographer (not famous, successful). and share my passion with people whom love it as much as me.

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: February 2008


I will not be on for a while :(

It seems my time here in Virginia has expired, therefor I will not be on here for a while. But hopefully the next time you guys see me, I will be shooting with a Nikon d60 ( hooray, woohoo, ouhhhhh!!!!!!) I’m a little excited about it!! and the next time you guys see me I will be Mrs. Chris Drigans!!! I’m getting married in the beautiful Savannah, Ga. thus the reason for my not being …
Posted about 7 years – 6 comments

don't think less of me

I would like to take a sec to let you all know that even though some of you might not approve of my new T shirts, don’t think less of me. A lot of you and I have commented back and forth for some while now and it would break my heart if it stoped because of my new line. so if you think it is offensive please just let me know, I mean no harm but like I said a lot of you have come to be more …
Posted about 7 years – 14 comments

new work

I am now trying new things, shooting people. my husband has agreed to let me shoot him. so I know I have a lot of new work of him, but I hope you enjoy the tones and settings of them! Thanks guys
Posted about 7 years – 2 comments

I'm back

Hello to all!! / Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Thank you to all that have commented on my work while I have been away! Cant wait to see all the great photos that have been taken while I was gone!!
Posted over 7 years – 5 comments