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Musical Art Competition (Nov 2007)

Musical Art group competition:

Art Inspired by Song

The theme of this competition is to post artwork that are inspired by a particular song.


1. Images & T-Shirts only

2. All competition work must contain “Art Inspired by Song” in the description so that when work is waiting for approval the moderators know that the work is for the competition.

3. They must also contain the name and artist of the song and if possible some or all of the lyrics.

4. Nothing offensive (including song lyrics, if you have chosen a song that contains a bit of swearing, please use ** in place of the word). Also, no nudity.

5. It should go without saying, but all image must be original works of the person submitting them.

Submissions close on New Years Eve. The winner will receive a $40 RedBubble gift voucher and the winning image will be used as the Musical Art Image for one month.

Entries will be judged by a carefully selected panel of judges. Judges decision is final.
Judges: yet to be announced *Judges are not permitted to submit entries into the competition

Journal Comments

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  • Kathleen Cameron
  • helene ruiz
  • Tom Godfrey
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  • Rosina  Lamberti