Sales, Complete iPads Gallery And A Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, firstly I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and secondly, that you all party hard tonight for the New Year of 2013!

Just writing to update you all again, as well as another means of thanks – I broke my Monthly Sales Record again this month with 12 total [here on Redbubble alone]:

1 x iPhone 4/S Case of ‘’OUAT – Two Halves, One Whole’
1 x Greeting Card of ‘of ’Okami Amaterasu – Cherry Blossom Form [BLACK]’
1 x Hoody of ‘Jokes On You Bowser’
1 x Girly Fit T-Shirt of ‘Okami Amaterasu – Cherry Blossom Form [BLACK]’
4 x Girly Fit T-Shirts of ‘Spiderman – Mary Jane ’Jackpot’’
2 x Male T-Shirts of ‘BADA BOOM_Impmon’’
1 x Male T-Shirts of ‘Okami Amaterasu – Cherry Blossom Form [WHITE]’’’
1 x Male T-Shirt of ’Joke’s On You Bowser’’’

Thank you all so much. Good feels. :)

In other news, I have now completed my iPads gallery with all my select works [so far] – check them all out here

Lastly, I just want to thank you [again] all for your kind words, faves etc. over the years, and that you all have a great 2013! :)

Kind regards,

~ Dan

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