Sales and iPads

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.

Just writing to update you all again, as well as a means of thanks. Yesterday I sold two unique items [that hadn’t, as of then, yet sold] – it was a pleasant surprise after a long, exhausting day at work:

2 x Greetings Cards of ‘WhoView’

1 x Girly Fit T-Shirt of ‘OUAT – Two Halves, One Whole’

Whoever you both are, I just want to send a warm thanks! :)

Lastly, as you may have heard, Redbubble is now offering iPad [New and 2] Cases. I have currently put up these two designs:

Now then, I’ll be putting my Christmas stuff up soon, but if anyone has a request as to which design to put up on one next then feel free to comment [or Bubblemail] me! :)

Have a good day now.

Kind regards,

~ Dan

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