Kids T-Shirts and Personal Update

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well,

This post is to let you all know that I’ve created a category for all my designs on Kids T-Shirts on my profile – for all your mischievous or angelic lil tykes! :D

Also to bring you a personal update, namely that recently I made my first T-Shirt transfer [as I’d like to move away from relying on third parties to do all the work, eventually]!

Using a blank white [cotton] t-shirt, I printed my Resurgence Tees logo [whose image I’d flipped beforehand] onto an Inkjet Printer transfer sheet, cut out the excess space and then ironed it on at max temperature [no steam].

After a day’s rest, I was finally able to wash and wear it:

I have 4 transfer papers left, so I’ve ordered 4 more white blanks [2 of one Gildan type, and 2 of another]. Will probably test my RT logo on each, saving one other design for the remaining two…

Watch this space?

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