My Personal RB Feedback List

I took a Redbubble Survey in my email inbox the other day, and thought it’d be nice to share my own personal sentiments with all of you:

Small and big ideas I have for Redbubble include:

- The ability to Sort Favourites List by Product Type

- The ability to select the thumbnail of a Product that appears in my Portfolio [according to the initial Product View I specify – AKA T-Shirt / Print / Image / iPhone view…]

- For the Facebook, Tumblr etc. share icon to actually show the specified Product form [AKA if I set it to T-Shirt view, then I’d like the shared link to show it, not just the Product image].

- A Wish List feature, for easier track of Future Purchases [that we just can’t afford right this moment]

- Localised Printing based on delivery address [wherever possible seeing as a UKer, I have to wait for up to 3 weeks because of Customs etc. It’d be nice to, at least, halve that]

- “

- All-Over Tees [eventually – I’m well aware that Belt Printers are still costly – and rare!]

- Finally, nothing for me personally, but I feel that including a link to Redbubble on all your emails would make it easier for people, new and old, to find you better!

~ Dan

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