If I Could Change the World

I’d wave a magic wand and change the world, / Imprison Satan for a thousand years. / I’d mend the evil hurts maligning man.

A Night to Remember

When we heard it… loud and strange above. / That whirring sounded like no other…. Above us, a large circle of lights…. afraid…

A Magical Trip to The Garden of Eden

Tyrannosaurus Rex moves, shaking the ground…. Oh, God! What fate waits? …. raptors run through the clover…. they smell …

I Am

Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am.” / So, can we deduce that? … if “we are” because of thinking, we will be eternally li…
Trucking in Coolness by Daneann Trucking in Autumn by Daneann Road Work by Daneann Tampa Nightlights by Daneann Florida Electric Palm Trees by Daneann Homeward Bound by Daneann First Star from the East by Daneann Star Brite Sunlight by Daneann The Driver by Daneann

One Nation Under God

While under God: / He gave us strength / … Our ways were blessed. / Our fields were full. / … But that was then. / And this is …

Doing Wheelies!

Memaw’s doing wheelies, / She must have flipped her lid…. Yeehawww!

Video Games VS Real Life: Driving

Speed: 190 on the turn / Devil daring, no concern… / Suddenly, he had to swerve. / Leaving tracks of rubber burned!

Hope’s Mantra

She, singing with the doves, felt God’s almighty love from above. / Harm did still abound, but she with Him, had protection found. / God ga…
Nuclear Parts Implode by Daneann Electrons ere Created! by Daneann The Creation of Dry Parts by Daneann The Face of the Deep by Daneann

Sitting Alone

While the world drives by unaware, / Folks sleep beneath bushes at night. / Cardboard boxes become their home…

In the Heart of Pain

… Stay strong within His love, sweet saints. / Do your best; live to do his will. / And from His teachings, never faint.

Beside the Golden Door

… There joy beyond the door. / Tames even the feral.

There are Some Words I Wrote for Geeks

Just like for folks in days of old, / There are more truths man must unfold. / With open minds and trust in God

God at the Helm

There is no mental anguish He can’t heal. / There is no hardened heart that shall not kneel. / There is no child of God who cannot feel.

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Religion: T…

Ponder Genesis-… the face of the deep is the space excluding electrons, outside of the nucleus of an atom. It extends far inward a…
What's for Dinner by Daneann Go by Daneann Cloud Imaginations:  Apricot Poodle by Daneann Glowing Sunrise by Daneann Study_The Light Cycle by Daneann Treetop Sunrise by Daneann Fishing Buddies by Daneann Fantasy Forest by Daneann Eclectic Crane by Daneann Exstatic Stork by Daneann Exstatic Stork by Daneann Eclectric Crane by Daneann Are You Taking My Picture? by Daneann The Odd One by Daneann Pelican Landing by Daneann Commorant by Daneann Stork Stopped by Daneann Fishing Buddies by Daneann Cabbage Palm Banquet by Daneann Blue Damselfly by Daneann At the Water's Edge by Daneann Orange Sunrise by Daneann A Caterpillar on a Passion Vine by Daneann Fantasy Spider in a Natural Web by Daneann Eewh! A Bug on the Fern by Daneann Commorant by Daneann Bannana Spider by Daneann Flittering by Daneann Electric Flittering by Daneann Butterfly Flittering About by Daneann The Welcomed Guest Mossquito Hawk by Daneann Florida Storm Cloud by Daneann Quick Stop Butterfly by Daneann Florida Hwy 129 Foggy Sunrise Through Pine Trees by Daneann Birth on a Passion Vine by Daneann Mosquito Hawk Respit by Daneann Look Who's Coming for Dinner by Daneann Ah, It's a Big World Out Here! by Daneann Gator Swimming by Daneann Mama Gator on Guard Duty by Daneann Here's Looking at You! by Daneann Gator, Mark, Get Set, Goooo!  by Daneann Fierce Gator on the Wrong Side of the Fence by Daneann Gator Waiting by Daneann Cya Later by Daneann No More Alligator Purses by Daneann Nature Framed by Daneann The Light Through Stormy Clouds by Daneann Florida Storm Cloud by Daneann Fierce Gator on the Wrong Side of the Fence by Daneann Gator Smiling, "Cheese" by Daneann Gator Basking in Delight by Daneann Extra-terrestial Escort by Daneann
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