This is where it starts, open heart in clear view of each one of you. How do I do it? Share a part of me so precious, covered from view, hidden from the world, vulnerable and in reality frightened to be alive. Beauty invited fills me to the brim. Armed with courage, I decide to share. Then, I hesitate. The reality is that I am terrified to let anyone inside myself. Anyone, but a rare few, that is. My inner being hides behind courtesies and smiles. Distantly partaking of life’s social view. Noticing others who seem to do the same. Smiling distantly then walking past any connection.Afterward, I go home to a peaceful spot in the woods. Not a big spot, just a peaceful spot with a small metal home. There I listen to the birds’ sing, watch the squirrels scurry up the trees, sometimes with chatter. There, safe from ridicule or hurtful quips, I dream. And write.Fireflies, perhaps I’ll see some tonight, flashing lights between dark trees. Their only competition is lights’ reflections from the moon. And occassional flashes of light-streams from cars distantly traveling upon the interstate. Sometimes headlights break through the dark.I think. Here I am free to be myself while the world passes by. Then, with a sigh of contentment, I go inside and write my heart out in poems and hopes and dreams and struggles and all that comes to mind. There, safe in solitude, I meet the world through each of you. And I am fulfilled.All the while, my Ingrid reads.

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