A Better Time The darkness seeps in, So slowly it is hardly noticed. / Fathers and Sons, Mothers and Daughters, Sisters and Brothers, Neighbors, Stangers… As I Could Be I raise my hands up to the sky / And touch the edge of heaven / I close my eyes, breath deeply / I fade into a realm of total relaxation / … Reborn Emerge…whole…reborn Train to Nowhere It seems to me that we’ve all gotten on the train to nowhere at some point in our lives. / Once you get on, there is no place to get … Truth and Freedom My life has been a journey through the shadows / Freedom lies in truth / You cannot change the past / Truth is the only way / With freedom … Working On Fumes Every turn…doesn’t seem to matter / You think you understand / Fooled again / Your faith in mankind doesn’t really matte… Choice I stand before you, and place my heart in your hands. / It’s there for you to do what you wish. / Caress it, nurture it, cherish it. … Devil’s Touch I have been touched by the hand of the Devil / He tries to take my innocense / He comes to me when I am weak and vulnerable / He speaks to … The Measure of Myself-Devil’s Touch Resumed Defenses down / I move forward / Seemingly free / Yet the Devil tears at my minds eye / Trying to take back what’s rightfully mine / … Near to You I’ve heard it said many times / That absence makes the heart grow fonder / This is true, but only by a fracton / For it is being with… What You Hold I see you in my dreams / Standing, arm held out with clenched fist / You look puzzled, struggling to know / What it is that you hold / I re… Angel Among Us Biggest of hearts / Kindest of Souls / Genuine / Leading, Guiding / Sharing what she has to offer with those who need it / A willing ear / … Change Don’t say you are sorry…Change. Winter Relax I draw open the curtains / The sun’s rays spear into my room / I glance out into the day / It’s crisp, but tranquil / A fresh b… WayoftheWarrior It is the way / One with his surroundings / Open mind, clear, focused / Aware, absorbing the essence of all / It is the way / Full of purpo…