Dana DiPasquale

Dana DiPasquale

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Super Duper Excited!

I’ll admit it – I hate seeing journals from people about the work they have sold. It makes me feel jealous and angry at the same time. So, if I ever sell something I don’t really post about it – not that there has ever been anything but a card sale or two. Until today….when someone shelled out over $750 (including cost of manufacturing) for a single canvas print (no, not from RB, either). $750? For something I made? How vaildating is that?! Yaaahoooo!


  • Sarah Donoghue
    Sarah Donoghueover 4 years ago

    Awesome. Congratulations

  • athex
    athexover 4 years ago

    That is certainly worth talking about – I as I am sure many others will be am very happy for you

  • RobertCharles
    RobertCharlesover 4 years ago

    congratulations dana — it feels great and that is a super duper number!!!

  • carol brandt
    carol brandtover 4 years ago

    now THAT is something worth writing about… a fantastic buzz, your delight (read: amazement!) is palpable … well done!!

  • Darren Stones
    Darren Stonesover 4 years ago

    Now that’s good, Dana. Congratulations on a beaut sale.

  • eon .
    eon .over 4 years ago

    May the $ales Fairy stay by your side and keep you Yahooooing even
    more ’ – )) A wonderful peice and a great story of winning .

  • Adriana Glackin
    Adriana Glackinover 4 years ago

    Now THAT is wonderful! Congratulations! :-)

  • Rebecca Cozart
    Rebecca Cozartover 4 years ago


  • lucin
    lucinover 4 years ago

    Your work deserves such validation. :)

  • JimFilmer
    JimFilmerover 4 years ago

    congratulations on such a milestone Dana – and it re-inforces that there are people who not only recognise photography as art, but are also willing to pay a fair price for it