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Dana DiPasquale

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My photo purchased by Desperate Housewives aired last night

My photo appeared on DH last night. It was panned on for quite a while so someone noticed and told me. It occurred at minute 31 and was in ’Rene’s’ (Vanessa WIlliams) house / and the episode can be scene here
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Super Duper Excited!

I’ll admit it – I hate seeing journals from people about the work they have sold. It makes me feel jealous and angry at the same time. So, if I ever sell something I don’t really post about it – not that there has ever been anything but a card sale or two. Until today….when someone shelled out over $750 (including cost of manufacturing) for a single canvas print (no,…
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Happy Customers

smaller artwork / !
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Color Vision: How Our Eyes Reflect Primate Evolution

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