Looking for feedback 1: Daydreaming

Hey all,

I’ve commented in the past about how RedBubble isn’t really a place for teaching and learning.. I mean the capabilities are there in the form of critique forums and the like, but it’s not really part of the goals of the site. Which is fair enough.

However, I truly believe if I’m not improving in whatever I’m doing I might as well not be doing it. Which leads me to this. I know that there are many talented photographers, artists and illustrators following me, and so I’m going to ask you guys for help.

What I’d like to do is occasionally, when time permits, do an illustration purely as a test of a style, technique, or ability. Then I’ll post it and add a journal entry asking you guys for feedback. If you’ve got the time and…

ISoDIaWD Book for sale!

Okay, the book is ready to go. You can buy it from here:

Now remember, there is free shipping on any blurb products until midnight 24 November (New York time). (that’s another day and a bit, so don’t dawdle)

To receive the free shipping offer use the following codes during the Blurb checkout process:
- For AUD: RedBubble-09
- For EUR: RedBubble-094
- For GBP: RedBubble-093
- For USD: RedBubble-092

The panel who selected the entries were Chris Wahl, Scott Robinson and Mimi Yoon. They are each accomplished illustrators in their own right, and have all said they were most impressed by the quality of work in the challenge. You should all feel very proud of what we’ve achieved.

Here are the final pieces and artists who made it, in…

ISoDIaWD Book Challenge

Okay, we now have OVER 100 ENTRIES!

I’m so pleased to see the high-quality work that is being submitted to the challenge, this is certainly going to be a kick-arse book.

If you haven’t entered yet you’d best get over there and drop something in – There’s less than a week to go!

I need opinions!

Okay, I’m looking to enter work into the ISoDIaWD Book Challenge with hope of maybe getting my work into the book.

I have a few artworks I’m considering entering, so I’m after your opinion on what would be best.

Here are the three I’m thinking about:

I want to enter my best work, and the work that represents me the truest.

Thoughts anyone?

Call out to my fellow illustrators, drawers, sketchers, painters and world dominators!

Hey all,

Over at the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination we have some very exciting news. We’re going to make a book!

To have your work considered, you just need to enter it into this challenge

This is a chance to showcase the greatest work we have in the group, so we’re really asking you to submit your favourite piece.. don’t worry about making something new, just pick the best thing you have done. There’s only two weeks to get it in there, so please head over and drop something in straight away. I want to see a book filled with awesome art.

WARNING: Completely self-serving journal entry about my baby son

Oscar is 9 months old next Thursday. That means that it will have been 9 months since I was able to sleep right through the night, 9 months since I’ve been able to wear clothes without them getting covered in food, milk or other unmentionables, and most importantly 9 months since I’ve been able to go a day without thinking what a funny and awesome little dude he is, and indeed how blessed my wife and I are.

The main reason I’m posting this though is that I reckon that’s the cutest photo of him so far :)

Exquisite Corpse - Collaboration for Everyone!

Hey guys,

I’ve just opened up a collaboration over at the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination (ISoDIaWD).

If you’ve heard of the Exquisite Corpse game then you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not I’ve tried to explain it over there. The idea is to have an ongoing collaboration than anyone can take part in. Basically you just choose whatever third you feel like drawing (or otherwise creating), grab the file and go nuts. Then as people send me their sections I’ll stitch them together in a first-come-first-served kind of way. There’s no way of knowing who you’ll be attached to, so you can’t predict what the final piece will look like.. which, after all, is the point of the Exquisite Corpse ;)


Tickle Treat is in the App Store!

Hey all,

The latest App designed and built by my work (Good Dog Design) is now available in the iTunes App Store

It features two of my illustrations (as seen on this and this (although the ghost has a more kid-friendly face)) and then two other monsters.

Basically, you tickle the monsters and they laugh. It’s a simple idea but actually pretty fun. And who doesn’t need a few more laughs in their life?

I hope you’ll check it out.. and while you’re there, why not look at the original Tickle Monster with three monsters that I have drawn or, for the more frugally minded, Tickle Monster Light (which is free!)

I’m just happy to get the odd job at work that involved drawing monsters to be honest ;)

M is for Manticore Sketch

Okay, I asked and you delivered. The next monster up is M for Manticore. I’ve put together a quick sketch for feedback from my fellow illustrators and artists. Please have a look at this and give me some critical feedback.. what works of course, but also what doesn’t.

Let me try to explain my thinking. A Manticore is of Persian origin and has the body of a lion, the head of a person, the tail of a dragon or scorpion, then horns, wings, whatever else. It’s also got three rows of shark like teeth. (Wikipedia entry)

That was the base I was working from, but I wanted to make it distinctly my own creation. I thought the body of a lion was the most important thing.. but it’s not a lion, which is why I gave it more of a chinese lion mane. For the tail, I wanted so…

Happy Challenge is accepting votes

Hey all,

Well, the happy challenge is finished and accepting votes. Sure, I’d love it if you liked my entry enough to go and vote for it but even if it’s not the sort of thing you like I hope you’ll check out all the work there anyway.

I have to make special mention of Paul McClintock’s amazing entry because, well.. it’s amazing :) I’m also a big fan of Natalie Perkins’ and the delightful Chris Wahl’s work.

So yeah, there’s plenty of really great portraiture over at the challenge so make sure you get over there and vote!

Monster ABC - What letter next?

Okay, so I’ve kicked off this project, and in the interests of involving the people around me I’ve decided to get some involvement from you, my loving followers and vaguely interested onlookers.

Basically I’m after a vote – I’ve done “B”, so what letter should I do for my next monster? Drop your answers in the comments :)

Progress on Seven illustration

I thought I’d give a bit of an account of the process in illustrating my latest piece, done for the Happy challenge – Seven

To begin with, I took a couple of photos with the webcam. The lighting was terrible, this was just to give me a base to do the initial outlines.. I couldn’t use them for colour or lighting reference unfortunately.

Using my wacom tablet and Adobe Flash, I drew in the black lines. I really like the inky feel that the paintbrush tool gives you

Then I exported a transparent png and opened it in Corel Painter. The other work was done in layers underneath for the most part.

Next up I started laying in really broad, basic colours. In the best of all possible worlds I would have coloured the entire image like this to get a feel of how it would all work…


Win a US$30 RedBubble Voucher!

Sorry about the caps, but I’m quite excited. The kind people at RedBubble have donated a US$30 voucher to the Colour Challenge

That’s right. The winner of the challenge will walk away with a US$30 RedBubble Voucher .. that’s enough to buy a tee, or a few postcards, or maybe you want to put it towards your large framed print :)

If you haven’t entered yet, you have another 25 days. Good luck!

I love colour

Hey all,

There’s a new challenge over at the International Superheroes of Illustration group, and the theme is Colour

This topic is particularly close to my heart. For a long time I wasn’t considering colour harmony in my work.. I would put down the lines, pick the colours and just go with it. Stuff might look okay.. but it didn’t really gel and feel like a complete piece.

When I created this piece I decided to do something different. I had found a small photo (someone’s avatar on facebook) and I remember thinking the warmth of the colours was really impressive.. so I pulled a colour palette from the photo and used it for the image.

Now of course that image isn’t perfect, but I was actually pretty happy with how the colours turned out. The overall effect …

Quinton Hoover is on RedBubble

Hey all,

Probably the most influential artist on my work, and also a pretty awesome dude, Quinton Hoover is now on redbubble!

I found Quinton’s work in the 90s when some friends were playing Magic: The Gathering. I actually started collecting the cards because of the awesome art on them, and it was Quinton’s Regeneration that kicked it all off for me. Since then his work has improved even more, and his most recent stuff shows his skill and elegance with the colour harmony and textures.

Anyway, I can’t big him up enough.. so go and check out his work , comment, favourite, and generally make him feel welcome. He is exactly the sort of artist we want on this site.

International Superheroes of Illustration

Hey all,

Well, there’s a new kid in town and his name is International Superheroes of Illustration

It’s a group for people who like to draw, people who like drawings and people who like people who like to draw. That’s everybody, let’s face it. It’s a bit quiet in the forums right now, so I’m hoping to generate a bit more interest and communication.

So if you have joined already, drop into the forums and say hi. If you haven’t joined, join first then follow step one. If you’re just not interested in joining, if you have some advice on how to drum up interest I’d love to hear it.

Threads that are particularly easy to get involved with:

Introduce yourself, show us your work

Artistic influences

Or why not start your own ;)


Looking for some advice for a kid's book

Hey all,

I’m looking to illustrate a kid’s book.. a Monster ABC. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and originally I was planning on doing the art in my usual vector style eg. Clive the Bunyip

However, while as an adult I do love the clean lines and bright colours vector art gives me, I know kids books in general tend more towards the texture and visual richness of traditional art styles, paint and pencil and the like. My latest illustration, as well as being an entry into the Drawing Day challenge, was a chance for me to experiment with a more painterly style.

A friend suggested that the painted work is more warm and friendly, and would be a better style for kids. The downside is it’s very new to me, so I’ll have to learn techniques and try to i…

Support Your Local Snails - Send A Poscard

Hey all,

Inspired (or perhaps directly influenced would be more accurate) by an idea the ever-delightful najeroux had, I am jumping on Postcard Bandwagon, pen in hand and shoes on feet. If you want to receive a postcard from me, all you have to do is BM me your postal address, and using the magick of Ink Technology, with possible touches of pencil, glue, felt and anything else I have lying around, I shall have delivered to your door some kind of rectangular cardboard with pictures or words on it.. all I ask in return is some postcard love back.

So grab out your bics and your pencils, your paints and your pantone colour guides, pick up a packet of stamps and join the Mail Revolution!

Price drop

Well, the base price of tshirts doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper here on Redbubble, and I’m still more interested in having people out there wearing my designs than making huge amounts of money.. so I’ve decided to pull the markup right back, and set the price of the tees to a comfortable $30. I reckon that’s close to what you would pay in a store, plus these are really good quality tshirts.

This isn’t a short sale or anything like that, I’ll leave it there until the base price changes again, at which point I’ll reconsider it depending on what direction it goes in.

I’m interested in what markup other people have on their tees, and if they think the $5 – $10 difference would actually make someone not buy the work.

Reason for joining Rebubble: 3. Learning

Reasons for joining Redbubble: 1. Community
Reasons for joining Redbubble: 2. Inspiration

Ok, I’m finally getting around to finishing my triptych of justification. The third reason I joined Redbubble, which I suspect says a lot about me, is learning.

I look at my work and I can see a lot wrong with it. Often the colours are unconsidered, there is no depth, the poses are static and uninteresting. Certainly, I’m my own biggest critic, and I can’t be happy until my work is better.

Joining an art site, I had hoped I could find other artists who could provide me with a little direction. I can see what is wrong, but as far as techniques to improve, I’m at a loss. We have a wide variety of still levels on this site, so I wanted to tap some of that.

I jumped into the cr…

Oscar Thomas Mason

Hey all,

Just a quick note to say my wife Cheryl and I have a new baby boy. His name is Oscar Thomas Mason, he was born on 29 Jan at 4:11pm and weighed an impressive 8 pound 10.

We’ve just gotten home from the hospital, he’s sleeping beside me now while Cheryl grabs the chance for a snooze :)

He is very cute.

EDIT: Here’s a photo

Reasons for joining Redbubble: 2. Inspiration

See ’Reasons for joining Redbubble: 1. Community
Reason for joining Rebubble: 3. Learning

Ok, this one is dead easy. As a mainly self-taught artist, I recognise there is so much I can learn from my fellow creatives. This applies across all fields, from photography, to illustration, to painting, to writing. Regardless of the media, there is always the potential for that spark, the little burst of joy in your head when you see the work that inspires.

Redbubble, on this topic, has many and varied means to find and browse new work. You have your own watchlists and favourites, but you can also see other people’s watchlists and favourites. You can regress back through people’s favourites almost indefinitely, seeing what inspires the people who inspire you.

You can also use…

Reasons for joining Redbubble: 1. Community

See ’Reasons for joining Redbubble: 2. Inspiration
Reason for joining Rebubble: 3. Learning

I’ve been on this site for a goodly while now, I’ve played in the groups, commented on work and been commented to, favourited, watched, sold some tees and even the occasional print, so I was thinking it might be a good time to revisit my reasons for joining, and see how effective the site is at meeting those reasons. Where it is lacking (and there are certainly areas where it is lacking) I hope some of you might have some suggestions for me based on your own experiences.

I’m going to start with the community. When first I joined I had this idea that it would be a great way to meet new people – to build up a group of fellow artists who I could go to for inspiration or …

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