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Say hello to Cheryl

Hey guys,

My wife Cheryl has finally joined up to redbubble! Check out her photos here

Cheryl seems to have a very natural eye when it comes to photography. While I will spend ages trying to set up the shots to get the framing just right, she just manages to take it perfectly. Damn her.

My favourite of what she’s put up so far would have to be Monkey

and Monk

So please, go check out her work and say hi :)

Second round of photos

Thanks to my sister, who in an act of supreme awesomeness gifted me a pro flickr account, I have been able to upload the rest of our Japan photos.

You can see them here and here’s a few favourites again

We're back from Japan!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but we arrived back from Japan at 8am yesterday after 26 hours of being awake. We’ve posted up half of our photos over at flickr – the other half will be posted when our upload limit resets (hopefully in a few days). I know there’s quite a few pics of Cheryl and I that wont be too interesting to anyone not immediate family, but there might be some others in there you all like.

Here’s a couple of my favourites:

Help name our toy

Ok, thanks to a stellar effort from Cheryl all our crafted toys now have names. Well.. almost all of them. The only one lacking a name is the brown dude seen here (or in the original illustration here).

So I’m hoping you can help me. Please post any name suggestions in the comments here. The best name will get selected and I’ll also post a link back to your website on the post.

My new website is up!

My new site is up, check it out here

I built it all in wordpress.. so it’s a portfolio, but it’s also a blog. People can comment (who? I’m not sure, but i can dream ;) ) and it’s much easier to update than my old site. Plus it’s got tagging, polls, categories that work as sections.. yes, wordpress. I am officially a fan :)

What do you think? Is the blog/portfolio the way to go, or should I be less concerned about what other people think?

Thanks for the black tees!

Ok, I’ve uploaded a new version of my monsters tee so it’ll look right on black. My friends have been asking me about a black version, so i’m very happy to finally be able to offer one. Thanks RedBubble!

Help with kids books

Hey all,…

I submitted some illustrations to publishers, and got my first PFO reply today (for those who don’t know what that is, the P stands for “please” and the O stands for “off”). Amoung other recommendations, they suggested I could write a children’s book and illustrate it to show examples of my work.

I’m not a writer, so I’ve got a better idea. What I’m after is for people to contribute a single page of a fictional kids book for me to illustrate. It can be as open (“And that’s why you shouldn’t eat cheese for breakfast”) or as specific (“So Glenn rode the elephant and led the 15 surly monkeys to safety through the jungle”) as you would like. I can then illustrate it and put it in my portfolio.. and probably put it up here as well, since that’s what i do with everything anyway ;)

Where to get samples printed?

Ok, I know I can get really nice prints from RedBubble. However I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for where I can get nice samples printed? I’m thinking 80 – 150gsm a5 sized types of things. I’d like to send out samples to some of the kids book publishers in the hope of getting some work.…

Somewhere in Adelaide would be perfect, or somewhere online that can post them to me. It’s not worth doing a full print run or anything though, I really only want about 3 or 4 copies of about 6 illustrations.

Oh, and if anyone has suggestions for what of my work I should send I’d really appreciate that too. I’m thinking Bake, Dangle, Kids, Floating, Running and Flying.. I’d like to think that shows I can do a single character in a variety of ways, but then they’re mostly blue so that might


Ok, I mentioned making tiny toy monsters in another entry, so I thought it about time i posted some of what i’ve made so far. They’re all quite small.. the brown guy would fit pretty well into the palm of your hand.

My first t-shirt!

Ok, so because there’s a competition on and I love monsters and I haven’t made a t-shirt design before I thought I’d give it a shot and here’s the result. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

My wife and I are actually planning on making a series of little felt toy monsters to give to friends and family at Christmas, and that’s where these monster designs came from. Well, more specifically from the darkling depths of our imagination, but you know what I mean :)


I’m working on a series of pieces trying to capture feelings and events experienced in dreams. You can see the first couple here with Flying and Drowning

I’m currently working on a running one with the character trying to escape from the formless dark behind them.. if anyone’s ever been chased in a dream they’ll know the sort of feeling i’m talking about. Not a happy dream, unfortunately.. I know the Flying dream is quite a bit more popular than the dark drowning dream.

I’m just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions for what might be some more good topics.. any reoccuring dreams they think might translate well into a picture. I want to get a variety of emotions in there, but all I seem to be thinking of a kind of dark and scary.. and it would be nice to have something pleasant a

Life Drawing class

I’m two lessons into a four lesson life drawing class here in Adelaide. It’s run by the local adult education place. It’s been a great experience, even if there are some people in the class with far too much talent for one human.

Anyone else done life drawing? What do you think of it? You can see my first few pieces here

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