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I am a web designer, flash developer and illustrator. I live in Bendigo with my lovely wife Cheryl and out little kids Oscar and Lily and...

Awesome stuff for the teh babbies

Hey guys,

I thought I should share some non-me-related artworks that go particularly well on kids clothes. Make sure if you haven’t seen the work of these people before you go and check out their portfolios.

I have to open with this gem

It works as an adults tee. It works so much better as a kids tee.

Really, poo is funny. Kids know it, and adults should know it too.

Just too cute for words :)

I actually have one of these on a tee, and it’s awesome. Oscar loved the high contrast. Kids eat that shit up.

A very useful reminder.

Your kids won’t understand this, and that makes me sad. But I will, and that makes me happy.

Okay this one is a bit mean :)

So there you go. Does anyone else have any works from other artists they would like to recommend? Chuck it in the comments. Because we can’t all just be doing self-promotion all the time.

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