Devoted vegan and animal rights activist. I love all animals, I can’t understand one someone can love one and stand up for their rights but so easily turn a blind eye of denial and eat another, but not only eating them but putting them through a life of torture.

I love photography, especially with animals.

Currently studying Animal Health, Animal Studies Cert II, Diploma of Vet Nursing.

I have 2 beautiful Turkish Angora cats. Cutie McWhiskers(Biscuit/Ginger) and Indie(ana Jones) She was a master of escape and climbing as a kitten. She is also Cutie McWhisker’s daughter.

I have another cat by the name of Aiyana, she was Cutie McWhiskers first litter and she was too young and had an early birth. Premature 7-12 days her siblings passed away and Cutie wasn’t lactating so upon vet assessment and told the odds were not good I hand reared her anyway… Every 2 hours feed and clean, every 4 hours reheat hot water bottle for bed/ This was during winter and I was living in a caravan in my parents backyard due to lack of room. But through all that hard work I now have my Aiyana, She shows undying affection and actively seeks love in return. She herself has actually had a litter.

I have an Indian Ring Neck Parrot named “Lolita” (Lola) she was abused young and constantly hit with rolled up news papers and from her current behaviour I’m managed to work out that she was also hit or something traumatic with paper towel rolls. She has her odd personality now and is slowly coming out of her shell with the help of her friend “Koko” another IRN parrot. She occasionally bites me however I’m the least likely to be bitten and I receive the most attention and love from her based on behaviour.

I have a spotted python named Shelly(Originally Sheldon until I discovered the sex) I have 2 violet crowltail and vailtail Betta fish along with two, four foot tanks with two Clown Loaches, four Pakistani, Peacock Eel, two large Male Common Bristle Nose, two Females as well as a Peppermint BN, Marble BN, Borneo Sucker a school of six Black Widow tetras including one longfin and An Archer fish named Sterling

I love all of my animals, they are more than pets and I couldn’t image life without them.

I also love gardening.

  • Joined: November 2008
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