It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


NaNoWriMo success!!

I got there in the end! A completed 50,000 word story (well, completed in the sense that I passed 50k words, not as in the story is finished yet, LOL!)

It’ll probably end up 80k, maybe, and I hope to use my chrissy holiday time to finish it and then get started on some editing. But I’ve got some other writing projects to get into as well now. A month worth of ideas that I’ve sat on.

So NaNoWriMo was an excellent challenge, and I’ll certainly do it again!

The Eve of NaNoWriMo

Or, ‘the writing challenge that ate my soul’.

National Novel Writing Month is almost on us! I’ve been convinced that it’ll be a really excellent experience to write 50,000 words in November. I’m also thinking it could be something of a nightmare, LOL!

So plot lines are sort of thought of, characters built (damn, still need to finalise names!) and nerves frayed.

The flip side is that I expect I’ll be madly writing all month to get the word count finished, so spending less time on RB. But I’ll be back :)

My first eBook live on Mystic Moon Press!

It’s finally up!

My story, The The Bunyip Of Boobera, is now up and official over at Mystic Moon Press!
Here it is. Clicky clicky!

Cover art by David Bowman

I’ve got an excerpt still here on RB, as I’d added it here for a brief visit originally. I’d had the story rejected for publication by ASIM (maaaybe aimed too high for a first outing…), so asked Kate for some editing help (thanks again!), and also got feedback from a few other folk too.

The new shiny version went on to win the eBook competition in the WMG, organised by Ronnie, and judged by Mystic Moon Press, giving me an open door to publication!

Now it’s out there on its own, and I can’t keep going over and over it and never letting go, as I can tend to do… nothing ever feels finished …

50 things about me... following JC and Paul!

50 things about me…for fun. So following the journals by JC Montgomery and Paul Rees-Jones, I couldn’t resist having a crack at it as well, and neither could Miri, Anne, Alix, Zolton, Gayla, Cathie, darkestartist, hahpistuff

1. Do you like blue cheese?
I’ve tried it at least, but I wouldn’t run out and buy it.

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
Twice, so yes. But they were just excuses to go and talk to girls :)

3. Do you own a gun?
No, but I grew up on a farm where guns were just another tool, so weren’t glamourised or romanticised, and we were trained in safety with the threat of never touching one again if we broke dad’s rules. The rules included toy guns.

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
So Sonic is a junk food chain? Never heard of t…

A Year on the Bubble (was it worth it? LOL!)

There have been a few people celebrating their bubble birthdays recently, and I’ve been one of them. It’s made me think about the time I’ve spent here and what I’ve got out of it (have I got anything out of it?).

In terms of cashy money, my whole year has earnt me what I get for an hour at work in my day job as a biologist. BUT, there’s been more to my time here than direct sales (remembering writing is still worth nothing here too).

The interaction here inspired me to write and show my first ever poem, Pale as the flowers of the night, something I thought I’d never do!

I’ve had writing collaborations with Rose Moxon, Cathie Tranent, Dee Boylan, rikkipaul and Firedrake. Kym Breeze wrote some poems for one of my images, and I’ve had an image …

Into the mind of a few ‘In the Moment’ winners

Thousands of RedBubble members now watch the countdown to the ‘In the Moment’ publication release, assuring us that there will be some pushing and shoving to acquire a copy!

Since all of the work to be published has now been revealed, and the faint rumblings about the selections die down, it’s time it was revealed what those selected think.

Not all wish to share, of course, but a number have allowed us access to their thoughts. Rose Moxon (3D art), Alice McMahon White (pastel painting), LittleHelen (writing), Melissa Vowell (writing), bellmusker (writing), and panda65/Paul (writing) are six of the many who will have a work published.

The obvious question is, how are you feeling about being selected?
Rose: “…i think i was in shock for a whole day… then naturally i jumped all over the place …

Featured Image - Alright!

Okay, sorry to do it, and I’ve been bottling my enthusiasm, but bluurgh there it is, enthusiasm overload, a featured image! I had post :)

haunted waltz

I’m glad that people have liked this, as it helps me think the bride and groom will like how I’ve taken their wedding photos (first wedding, desperately wanted it to work LOL!).

Ongoing collaboration-athon!

I’ve finally joined the world of RedBubble collaborations!

I’ve written a story for CathieT’s image,

And Rose Moxon has created an illustration for one of my stories, ‘A Vision from the Ocean’

What a great start to the weekend :)


Thought I’d add in my recent collaboration, after rikkipaul made a request! I’ve written a story for his image,


In response to a challenge to do a darker story, I selected an image of artemis74’s! Then I complained that she had too many happy photos, so she uploaded one specially for the purpose hehe!

Images by artemis74

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