Things I learnt about wolf spiders today

It was a reasonably pleasant day to be outside, so that’s where I spent some time with my one year old and my dog.

The first thing I learnt today about wolf spiders is that they’re happy to sit the day out inside of hollow rubber dog toys.

The second was that they can cram a large body into a small space.

The third, that when a little kid sticks their fingers into this dark space without regard for inhabitants, spiders will flee for a new hiding place.

Fourth, that when they bite, they leave puncture marks fairly widely spaced.

Fifth, a crazed spider doesn’t stop running around when it’s running on a screaming kid.

Sixth, bites from giant wolf spiders don’t kill little one year olds (but cause some major swelling).

Seventh, it’s freaky as hell to see a spider the size of a puppy scuttling over a toddler-sized kid!

So endeth the lessons!

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